Wow, I can still recall the very first time I had to sit down in a class and absorb the knowledge I was getting from my mentor on this subject. I was wrung out during that month as a student because no matter how much we think we have arrived GOD’s Word when broken down will reveal to us that we have not. Now, of course, it’s no way possible I can relate to you what was given to me so long ago but what I can share with you is how I’ve lived and how I’m growing still. So buckle up and hold on tight because this is going to be very informative.

Readers the book of second Peter is written to the children of the Most High GOD and not non-believers. We have HIS driving power you don’t and it is the property to life and godliness through clear truth and fact of JESUS who called us by glory and virtue. So, beloved children of the Most High GOD what are we supposed to be doing daily to exercise our godly lifestyle? Diligently adding, there must be a steady application to our character and integrity for us to look, sound and think like JESUS and less like the world. And to quote our brother Montell Jordan “This is how we do it!”

  • Virtue/moral excellence/goodness [The practice of moral excellence merely from motives of convenience or from compulsion or from regard to reputation.]
  • Knowledge/insight, understanding [clear and certain perception of the heart of truth and fact.]
  • Self-control [control, restraint of self.]
  • Perseverance/steadfastness [patience, persistence.]
  • Godliness [belief in GOD, belief in JESUS, belief in the Holy Spirit. Worship the FATHER and SON. Fear them both with respect, not in dread. And look to, hold on and do what the Word of GOD calls for us to do and be.]
  • Brotherly kindness/brotherly affection [we are natural siblings by the washing of the blood of CHRIST JESUS, we are to be loving towards each other in words and deeds.]
  • Love/ learn to unselfishly seek the best for others and to do things for their benefit [active, free, willing.]

This is a condensed version and I hope that I’ve served you well in sharing my life with you. Though I’ve given no testimony today, I did give you a glimpse into how I live my day daily. My life is to please my FATHER and my Big Brother JESUS. And when I accomplish those goals I’m doing swell. We must never believe that we have fully matured into our Christian virtue walk. It’s a daily goal and we mature day by day becoming more like JESUS. After all and never forget we are the righteousness of GOD through faith in CHRIST JESUS. And our growth in CHRIST JESUS is fruitful believe this. So you walk worthy my dear siblings because our FATHER is the ONE who called us into HIS own kingdom and glory. Hallelujah!  

2 Peter 1:3, 5-8, 1 Thess. 2:12


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