I desire that sweet aroma of CHRIST

Ephesians 5

I must confess; I really don’t know what the aroma of CHRIST smells like. But I know what the smell of burning sulfur is on a person. I’ve seen people dressed so elegantly; wearing their best perfume or cologne; not a hair out of place. And yet; the call of hell was coming through their pores. It’s not an aroma that I come across often; as a matter of fact I may have only smelled that two or three times in my CHRISTian life. It’s a nauseating scent. Those of you who walk in the Spirit if you’ve not detected that scent on another great but if and when you do; you will know immediately what it is. You will feel sick on the stomach and your heart will begin to hurt sorrowfully to the point of your wanting to cry and or pray. You may even speak to that person about JESUS but I’ve not seen one with that scent humble themselves to stay around and listen. We who are the children of light; the children of the living GOD must imitate the LORD GOD. Walk in love at all times to the believer as well as to the non-believer. We must be willing to surrender ourselves to sacrifice to help another. CHRIST JESUS surrendered HIMself and became a sacrifice to the world for the saving of mankind. We don’t have a need to do that but we may have to come out of our comfort zone and sacrifice ourselves through the giving of our time to another. Remember; we too were once in darkness and someone obeyed the voice of the living GOD and spoke to us be it from the pulpit or at the grocery store; someone spoke the gospel and gave their testimony to us. Now that we are children of light; walk accordingly allow the fruit of the Spirit which is all goodness; righteousness and truth to lead us. Always look for what is acceptable in the sight of the most high GOD. Walk no longer as muppets but as wise children of the LORD GOD. Ask the FATHER for wisdom; HE will give wisdom to us freely that we will understand HIS will. Be filled with the Holy Spirit if you are not baptized in the Holy Spirit; now is the perfect time to ask the FATHER to send the Holy Spirit to you that He will live inside of your heart. You will know for sure once the Holy Spirit has come inside of you; there will be things that you will be able to do in CHRIST JESUS that you did not believe you could accomplish. The Holy Spirit provides us with the needed confidence and power to get things done. Not only that; He will teach us daily about CHRIST JESUS. There will be things that were in our life that we will find has been replaced by the Spirit of the living GOD. Give thanks continually to GOD our FATHER in the name of our LORD CHRIST JESUS. http://amfbem.me



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  1. I’ve never smelled the scent but I have been present on more than one occasion when someone looks at you and hisses like a snake or an evil presences takes over. You will never forget that either. It is hard to witness to someone like that. We must witness to all we can before they fall to the evil in this world.Thank you for sharing.

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