Like most of you I have heard and maybe you yourself have asked the question why am I here? And for most of our lives we are looking for answers in all the wrong places. We are all hard wired to look for our FATHER. We all know that we are disconnected; we just don’t realize who or what we are disconnected from. We all believe in GOD; yes, even the atheist and the agnostic if not they would not put forth such effort to argue about there not being ONE. We all know that GOD really does exist or we would not blaspheme HIS name the way we do. We are not threatened by manmade or man called deities; this is why we don’t blaspheme them with our words. However, the enemy has blinded us so well that we don’t realize that with each negative word and with our sinful actions we place ourselves one step closer to hell.

Just like with anything that has been made and we desire to get the best from it; we rely on the manual and the manufacturer or a well-educated / trained professional to seek from the manufacturer how to get what has been made to perform at it’s very best. So why do we expect less for the most valuable creation ever? Our FATHER along with JESUS and the Holy Spirit created us and we have been disconnected from the Server and we are not functioning appropriately. We are infected by malware; spam, spy-ware and viruses known as sin. Our setup is incomplete and will never be complete until we reconnect to our Server. JESUS knew from the very beginning that we are unable within ourselves to help ourselves. We do not have the ability to perform this function and all other deities have and will fail at this ability to finish the job. Only JESUS had and has what is required to connect us back to the FATHER / Server.

In our pre-acceptance of CHRIST JESUS we are all ungodly. But in our post acceptance of CHRIST JESUS we become godly. Not because of anything that we do; with the exception of believing and trusting in who and what CHRIST JESUS has done and completed for us all. And as we grow in grace as we mature in the Word applying HIS Word to our lives daily exercising by faith that we are who HE said we are and that we have what HE said we have.

Our possessions should not take precedence over our very own spirit. We must take our spirit back to the Creator and Designer so we can be reconnected. Allow HIM to remove all the malware, spam, spy-ware and other virus from our soul. Only HE / JESUS is qualified to do this not us; then we must remain in HIS constant care daily through prayer, reading, studying the Word and living the Word to keep the virus down to a minimal. Why did I write to keep the viruses down to a minimum? Because we are human and to grow up in JESUS is a process; it’s a daily walk and we are going to make mistakes. The thing is to not sit or lay in our mistakes; acknowledge to the FATHER quickly that we messed up (this is confession); say we are sorry; acknowledge to JESUS we still need HIS help in this area of our life and keep it moving. If we don’t the enemy will use our mistake to beat us up saying that we are this or that because we did this or that. It’s all lies and he’s in hell and going to the lake of fire and mad cause he lost us. So now he will spend time in torturing u; don’t let him do it to you.

Romans 5:6

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