Grace – John 1:16-17

and out of HIS fullness did we all receive, and grace over-against grace; (YLT) For the law was given through Moses, but grace and truth came through JESUS CHRIST. (NKJV)

The grace of GOD is freely given which is unmerited favor and love of GOD. HIS spirit operates in HIS children to provide moral strength which regenerates us. Grace and truth; or, Mercy and truth. The whole; or, entire fruit of GOD’s purposes of love towards sinners, which existed only in promise, and are now the fulfillment at length of that promise in CHRIST JESUS. We have heard of access granted when it comes to technology or to be apart of the in crowd for those who are considered with great importance. Well, GOD has given HIS children All Access Granted and we can stand in faith rejoicing in HIS grace towards us. The law was given to mankind to show us our offenses in great quantity; that we are filled with much sin that lives within us. For example the law is that the speed limit is 25 miles per hour where marked. So if you are driving at 26 miles or over the posted speed limit; you see that you are breaking the law and if caught you will have to pay the consequences. Just like we do not obey the man made laws we could not and did not adhere to GOD’s laws. Ahh, how thankful are we for GOD’s grace. HE knew and knows that we are creatures of rebellion and we must grow up in the love of JESUS and want to obey. When we experience and witness who GOD is and how HE provides for us; we succumb to that knowledge of the New Covenant known as the New Testament of JESUS CHRIST. We acknowledge that now we are the beloved of GOD’s precious grace. In CHRIST JESUS we know that we have been redeemed from the curse of the law and that it is only in HIS blood that we are forgiven of our sins. With this knowledge grace is supplied to each of us in great quantities; we are filled and well supplied in the riches of GOD’s grace towards us. We are no longer zombies or considered the walking dead here on earth because of our trespasses. We are made alive; we have been raised up to sit in heavenly places along with CHRIST JESUS. It is GOD’s grace that we are saved through CHRIST JESUS because we are incapable of saving ourselves and we don’t have a desire to be saved. If we had the desire; we would have come to JESUS when we first heard about HIS salvation or HIS love towards us. Most of us turned a deaf ear; cussed folks out for trying to tell us; slammed doors in others face and laughed at those who lived in the grace of GOD. No matter how many good deeds; charities or any other acts of kindness we may perform; none of these works will get us saved or into heaven. It’s not by our works that we are saved by grace. We are GOD’s workmanship created in CHRIST JESUS to walk in the works that HE prepared for us.


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