Love 2 of 3


When we are able to love and cover the faults of those who sin against us we will be able to meet their needs. What if your enemy was very sick would you help them? What if your enemy had a need that you could supply them with, would you help? This was how I would provoke myself to begin the love walk in my early years. Those that I knew where my enemies when I saw or heard that they were in need of help in any way, I stepped up cheerfully and remained until no longer needed. This broke down that barrier of hatred my enemy had for me. Was it difficult for me in the beginning? Yes. And I was a wee bit nervous but I kept JESUS will in front of me and my will and fears behind me. Each time I executed this it became easier and easier until it became my nature.

I have been baptized twice naturally. My first baptism was my christening as an infant into the Catholic faith. My second was after my belief in JESUS. But neither baptism is as awesome as the baptism of the Holy Spirit which I received six years after my belief and walk with my Savior began. It was then I received power and a desire to want to obey the commandment of my CHRIST. It was totally impossible for me not to love everyone. I honestly tried not to love people, I saw drug addicts and dealers and felt nothing but love towards them. I saw loud loose women and felt nothing but love for them. Everyone I had contempt for I truly loved. Still, do! Even those who say sly remarks towards me that are not kind.

When we have the Holy Spirit living on the inside of us, He proves to us just how easy it is to live a free life in CHRIST JESUS. That following JESUS is not boring or a drag. The only commandment we need to remember is that we are to love one another. Not in words only but in our actions as well. How difficult is that? Well, very when the Holy Spirit is not the One controlling us and we are the one controlling ourselves.

We must behave like CHRISTians that is citizens of CHRIST kingdom. Those who are citizens of CHRIST kingdom are not hypocrites but those of the world are. We are to hate everything that is evil but love everyone. We are to hold tight to every good thing and run clear and free from all evil. We must show the world that we are real CHRISTians by our love in action first then by our words. The problem is we are all talk and no action. The world is watching us and they don’t like what they see and to be honest neither do I. We must show the world that we do have pure hearts toward one another not just a favorite few. That our conscience is clean and that our faith in JESUS is sincere never wavering. We have chosen to leave evil behind us and seek to do well everywhere we go. We look for peace that is our pursuit in this life.

True love will never fail for anyone. If you have been in a relationship and you have truly loved someone but that person did not truly love you. The relationship is over but you still love that individual. Well, at least that’s how it is for me. I’ve been in a relationship that had lasted for years and I truly love the person but it was not reciprocated. Though we are no longer together I still love that person, I don’t dwell on him, I’ve totally moved on and able to love another. But I’ve never been able to say I did love or I used to love. True love never fails, and love forgives. JESUS gave humans, not animals, plants or any other created thing but humans/mankind the very best gift HE had. HE showed us just how much HE loves us when HE took our place on that cross. Because the greatest gift anyone can ever receive is love.

It took me many years to understand this but now that I do. My love for mankind is so great that if my life was in danger with another, I truly believe that I would lay down my life in the hopes that the other would be spared. Now my doing this does not save anyone from death, hell, and the lake of fire eternally. But the death of JESUS did. HIS death on that cross saved mankind from destruction if they will receive the gift of salvation and believe that JESUS rose on the third day and that we too will rise again.

I mentioned before that without the Holy Spirit it was impossible for me to truly love as CHRIST JESUS requires us to love. Reason being that the fruit which comes from the Holy Spirit is love.

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