Character: Part 15


Ephesians 4:22-32

          Please, don’t fool yourself or allow anyone to have you think that you will or can change instantly. The percentage of those who change instantly is not great. There are more children of GOD who grow into Grace than are instantly transformed into Grace.


          If you read my previous notes, you read that I told you growing is a process just as a new born baby grows, it’s a process. We are born-again; carried and suckled; carried and trained; crawl; walk; run and so on.


          We cannot grow successfully on our own in the natural or spiritually. We need guidance. None of us can sustain life on milk alone. We need meat or for the vegetarian the vitamins that meat provides from other foods to help keep our bodies nourished in the manner it was designed to.


          You must make up in your mind and ask GOD to help you with this transformation. You want to make sure that you starve and kill the old nature you once possessed. You may be able to work on yourself one vice at a time or more.


          Don’t give up and don’t allow any person to discourage you. Before you know it you will become that change vessel of GOD. You may not notice the change. One day you will hear someone tell you that they have not seen or heard you react in the manner you were know for. That’s when you will know that you are changing. Others will see the change in you. Remember to give ALL glory to GOD for your transformation.


          However, don’t fool yourself. The real work is to keep the old you dead. Once you sense the return of your old self. Run to GOD for help. We are created in the image of GOD and we are more than conquers. No weapon formed against us will prosper.


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