Grace-Luke 2:40

The born again believer will say that they are now under the grace dispensation or that grace and mercy will follow them all the days of their lives. Yet, they will ask for favor from the LORD GOD. Grace is favor which means nothing lacking; nothing lost. All born again believers has GODs goodwill with them at all times. Grace has given us eternal immunity from the devil and his devices. We are to live and walk in divine excellence; we have the moral strength to carry out the commands of GOD because JESUS assured us that it is by HIS strength that we can do all things. Grace is internal not external within us just as it was in JESUS who is both 100% man and 100% GOD. We are not 100% man or 100% GOD but we have the character of our True and Living GOD inside of us that will cause our integrity to be as JESUS is. We are to be known by our character which is to show that we belong to CHRIST JESUS. Our character and integrity will draw others towards us and begin to ask the question “what must I do to be born again or saved?” But if our character or integrity is bent in the wrong direction; no one will listen to us when we begin to speak of our Savior JESUS. Do you remind anyone of JESUS? Or do you remind anyone of the devil? Where is your grace? Examine yourself closely.

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