Psalm 103:1-3

GOD is a Great Healer. Emotionally, Mentally and Physically. There is no one else or anything else that can restore us as GOD does in those three very important aspects of our being. It is GOD’s will to heal us; GOD has healed us according to Isaiah 53:5.

However, there are some who serve our Living and Loving GOD who suffer in their body with various torments. For example, blind, crippled, heart attack or stroke just to name a few. So does this contradict that GOD is a healer? Nope, because there are some that will experience HIS healing physically and those that do not. I believe that those who do not receive the physical healing get the emotional and mental healing. With this I also believe that the understanding in our healing is more precious to our spirit.
We acknowledge that our flesh is made from the dust of the ground and that dirt has a tendency to fall apart. Have you ever molded dirt from mud watched it dry up then it begins to crumble? I believe that the same happens to our flesh; however, we do have that desire to hurry the process along. We abuse our bodies to the utmost and then we look for a miraculous healing. If you can read, you will test the warnings on all things that are hazardous to your health. If you can’t read but you can hear or know that someone has suffered from the hazards provided; you have a tendency to ignore the warning. We hurt ourselves with over eating; smoking, drinking, drug abuse, fatigue and such. We are made in the likeness of GOD; we have the ability to be HIS most intelligent creation; yet we do idiotic things and blame GOD for our misfortune.

This is my personal request to all the readers; take the opportunity to look up who JESUS is according to the Bible and then look up everywhere in the Bible where healing took place. Build your faith in GOD’s will and possibilities; make your faith unmovable and unshakable.

Make these 3 books your best friends:

  • The Bible
  • Dictionary
  • Concordance of the Bible


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