A consistent and ever ready favor which is free, quick, willing and prompt. This is how we show our act of kindness, unfortunately, we are selective with who we dole our grace out towards. Our grace towards others is based on what they have done for us or when we see someone is in serious trouble like a stranger our humanity will kick in. Fortunately for humankind, the Living GOD gives each and every one of us HIS unmerited grace. HE will favor us with HIS blessings daily and most don’t realize it or will not acknowledge HIM for them.

However, we the children of the Living GOD have been singled out. It’s as though we are getting an abundant amount of HIS grace in the form of HIS peace.

Just as the non-believers and those that do not obey the Word of the Living GOD though they are HIS kids. The obedient ones experience tough times in life as well but we don’t fall apart under the pressure as the others. Yes, we do get weak but in our weak moments, we have an inner strength that lifts us up and helps us through. One of the first things that will happen to children that make up their minds to walk in obedience is that people will begin to criticize and find fault, try to shame them. When I am told about this I always chuckle and say to them, “great you are in good company, they did that to JESUS also”. And they still do. We are blessed and don’t even realize this when this begins to happen to us because it is a demonstration that we are doing what is correct and the world hates it. The Holy Spirit and GOD’s glory is resting within us so don’t be afraid or ashamed.

We must also keep in our remembrance that we did nothing to earn our salvation and that it’s GOD’s grace that we will not be judged, punished in hell and the lake of fire with satan and his demons. Our redemption is our gift from the Heavenly FATHER, our Almighty GOD.

The grace of GOD is never-ending it’s continual and eternal. So remain humble, in other words, though we are royalty remain as JESUS did when HE was here on earth. Opposed to being high-minded and lofty in attitude, position or means. Though we may have great wealth, let us not lord it over people through the oppression of any sorts. Never dangle our success in the faces of others instead reach out to teach others how to achieve what we’ve achieved. Never look down on people and circumstances, help if it’s possible to help.

This is worth writing again, grace is a consistent and ever ready favor which is free, quick, willing and prompt.  

Romans 1:7, 2 Corinthians 12:9, 1 Pet. 4:14, Ephesians 2:8, James 4:6


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