Those of my generation and those who are older than I will remember a song made popular again due to a movie that was released during the 1970’s called “Lady Sings the Blues”. The song was recorded by Billie “Lady Day” Holiday {Good Morning Heartache}.

That song is the epitome of what one is feeling when they are in the throes of depression.

You are surrounded by sadness; gloom and dejection. Depression makes you withdraw from life and places you in the valley of despair or death. Let’s look at the very word itself. De = a prefix that is used to remove or separate from; Press = steady applied weight; weigh heavily on; hold close; grip; flatten; extract; harass; afflict; insistence; Pression = pressure.

Now let’s look at a few words that will accompany depression. Abandonment; anger; anxiety; bitterness; doubt; envy; fear; grief; guilt; hate; hopelessness; jealousy; loneliness; lust; oppression; pain; remorse; sadness; stress; struggles; weak; worry.

Believe it or not these are not the total of what people go through. For forty years I lived with depression and bless GOD that I failed at every attempt of suicide. I was delivered from depression in 2003 and my life is like a grand theme park. I try everyday yet I can’t soak in all the goodness that GOD has to offer. I enjoy life. My life is filled with everlasting joy; no longer just words on a page; now I know and I want others especially CHRISTians to live a life of joy.

Depression is not from GOD it comes from the devil. The thing is he’s not satisfied with you being the only one who is depressed and more often than not you can find that depression is a generational curse of the family. If you were to check your mother or father’s background or watch the mood swings of either or both parents you will see what I’m speaking of. Depression is also an enemy and friend to the one who has it. The person wants desperately to be full of life yet when depression begins to arise within them it’s also a comfort. Remember that song I mentioned earlier; “Good Morning Heartache” here is the lyrics I guarantee that those of you who suffer with this debilitating demon can relate to this song.

Good morning heartache; you old gloomy sight

Good morning heartache; thought we said good bye last night.

I turned and tossed ti’l it seemed you had gone; but here you are with the dawn.

Wish I’d forget you; but you’re here to stay; it seems I met you when my love went away.

Now every day I start my saying to you; good morning heartache; what’s new?

Stop haunting me now; can’t shake you know how.

Just leave me alone; I’ve got those Monday blues; straight thru Sunday blues.

Good morning heartache; here we go again.

Good morning heartache; you’re the one who knew me when.

Might as well get used to you; hangin around.

Good morning heartache; sit down.

Is that a depressing song or what?

Yet that song as I said before is the epitome of how those who suffer with depression go through life.

Depression is not your friend and I am begging you to first get medical help. Talk with someone; take the medication as prescribed. However understand this; medication only makes the giant sleep. Just as David did with Goliath you must bring that giant down. Depression is an uncircumcised Philistine.

Bring it down and cut its head off!

Come to the end of yourself; become sick and tired of you and where you are. Desire more from GOD. Get in a place by yourself and get very real with GOD about you and begin to forgive all those who caused you such great harm. Ask GOD to deliver you and then to replace all that HE takes out of you with the Holy Spirit so that you can see; hear; speak; move; think and love in the fruit of the spirit. Galatians 5:22

Right now you may think that your circumstances are hopeless; not so.

I know that The LORD is always with me. I will not be shaken because I know that HE is right here with me. My heart is glad and I will rejoice in The LORD. My body rests in HIS safety. GOD will show me the way of life; granting me the joy of HIS presence and the pleasure of living with HIM forever. Psalm 16:18-11

You may feel like you can’t fight the sadness; this is okay because you are going to also take this prescription from GOD.

The LORD is close to the brokenhearted; HE rescues those whose spirits are crushed. Psalm 34:18

GOD lifts you out of the pit of despair. Psalm 40:2

Did you know that music not noise music that is cheerful; that makes you wanna dance; music that gives praise to GOD helps with depression? For me music is not a sin so I still listen to my secular music of the 60’s & 70’s. Also watching as many comedy shows on TV as you can find that are clean that is. Andy Griffith; I Love Lucy; The Jefferson’s; they even put Jack Benny back on the air. Well anyhow you get my drift; you want to surround yourself with laughter this pulls the depression off of you faster. If you have small kids please keep them near you, my son kept me laughing when he was growing up as well as my daughter. As adults they are still funny however because I no longer have depression “Thank YOU JESUS” I enjoy them in a completely different light and I yearn for those moments when I get to see them because I lost too much time with them due to depression. The key factor here is DO NOT ISOLATE YOURSELF!

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