Character: Part 4

Luke 3; 5; 7 & 23

 Unfortunately, the enemy and his followers can imitate CHRISTianity. Have you ever met people who say they are CHRISTians? Yet every time you turn around they are speaking and acting no differently than you or anyone else.

 CHRISTians are to emulate JESUS with a change of heart. When the heart is changed the thinking and the action is changed. Your character is changed for the better; it does not remain the same. Your character and how you live matters to GOD it’s the inward person who is changed not the outward. Character is built on what you say and do not what you look like outwardly.

 When you think about it changing your character from that which serves the enemy to that which serves GOD can be very easy. However, anyone who does not have the mind of CHRIST cannot and will not for very long pretend to belong to HIM because doing and saying the opposite of your nature is hard and not normal for you. When you belong to CHRIST and you begin to change to the opposite of what you are known for, it’s a character trait that you don’t think twice about because it’s natural for you. 

For example: This world is filled with homeless people who stand on the streets begging for money. There was a time when we would have helped them but now we don’t because we have become desensitized to them. This is largely due to the many scams they pull on people who are convicted in their souls to help. So instead of ignoring the homeless/beggars this is how you can extend help to them.

If the claim is that they are hungry, feed them.  Take them into the restaurant; fast food chain or carry-out and have them to order whatever it is they want. If the person in need refuse to go in, buy them something to eat and drink anyway and give it to them.

If you see that the clothes that they are wearing are so tattered and worn buy them clothes or donate your old clothes to them.

Another great way to help them is to adopt them.

How do you do this?

99% of the times if you travel in the same direction daily you see the same homeless person. Entertain that person by engaging in conversation, help meet their needs and most of all share JESUS with them without making JESUS distasteful. More often than not you will win a soul to JESUS because of your kindness. Did you know that once you extend your hand to help just 1 person, you become the catapult for many? Before you know it you will begin to bring that person to church upon your invite being accepted or them asking you to take them to church with you. This has to do with positive character as well. Cool huh?

 In itself the word tax makes people cringe. This is because tax is a burden that we don’t have any control of because it’s a requirement by the government. We don’t like it yet there is nothing we can do about it. Tax when attached to one who has a career of collecting tax also brings on instant distrust to many people. We think of them as crooks, one who gets great pleasure in taking from and nearly breaking the wallets of those who pay the tax. During the time when Levi known as Matthew walked this earth along side of JESUS he was such a man. His profession was to collect the tax from people and he had great pleasure in seeing the people financially broken. This is why the government provides refunds today. JESUS went to Levi known as Matthew and recruited him to follow HIM and in doing so his character began to change. Matthew no longer takes, he now gives. The total opposite of what his character was known for.

 Take a look at JESUS for a moment. It was in JESUS character to move with compassion and be a help to everyone. It’s hard wired within us to help. No person is an island unto themselves. We may not help often but we at some point within the present year help people in need. When our character is changed to be like JESUS we will find ourselves looking for people we can help on purpose. It will be our desire to do something that seems not to be a big deal to you but is life saving to the person you help.

 Character is so very important to whom we are. When we have our character lined up with that of JESUS. We are known for being upright; advantageous; in right standing with GOD and man.


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