It warms my heart to know that the Holy Spirit is here inside of me to warrant/keep me secure. With the Holy Spirit inside of me, He makes sure that I am able to undertake or engage in what and with whom I must perform as stipulated. With Him, I do not have to be concerned about my own efforts because He compels me to engage and to execute. The Holy Spirit keeps me safe from harm. Most people look at the Holy Spirit as just being a feeling, an emotional outburst or something that is misunderstood. The first mistake to correct is that the Holy Spirit is not a thing, He is a living, breathing, seeing, speaking and hearing person. He has a heartbeat. The Holy Spirit is our teacher regarding all about JESUS. This means that when JESUS told us who we are in HIM and what we can do in HIM and what we have in HIM. The Holy Spirit like a loop in our spirit is constantly reminding us so that we are able to think, speak and do as JESUS spoke, thought and did.

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The entire time JESUS was walking, teaching, healing and demonstrating. HE was preparing us for who we are in HIM if we believe. The Heavenly FATHER gave everything to JESUS and the believers who are the righteousness of CHRIST have everything. JESUS even told us that HE would not leave any of us by ourselves or lonely because HE knows that we all have short term memories when it comes to goodness. This is why HE gave and sent us HIS Holy Spirit who unlike before the crucifixion of JESUS only visited believers and demonstrated the power and left. Now, the Holy Spirit enters the body of the believer and resides to demonstrate His power to us. This is our guarantee/guaranty our warranty which never expires. And this guarantee has active power. But some of us will get saved and that is all. The upside is that you will get into heaven because you believe in JESUS with your heart. The downside is that you are powerless, you still are defeated by life, and you may still play both sides of life. Attend worship service when you feel like it, seldom or rarely read your Bible with quality time which causes unbelief in the truth of GOD’s Holy Word. Unbeknown to you, you are making JESUS out to be a liar because you profess to be a Christian yet, you look and sound just like the world and you carry the aroma of the world on you. The Holy Spirit provides us with His fragrance and we no longer desire to do and be as we once were in the world. Our entire motive is to please our Heavenly FATHER in all things.

2 Corinthians 5:5


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