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I think, and this could just be me, but I don’t believe that I’m alone in this. That the hardest thing to do is to keep silent when being falsely accused.

Yep, for me I have to remind myself that when I’m being falsely accused, that I have to keep my mouth shut. It’s better for me to just get up and walk away. To go somewhere out of the sight of others and lick my wounds. And if at all possible stay clear of those who have decided to slaughter me.

It’s been a long time since I’ve known about anyone doing this to me and personally, I don’t want it done at all. But there are mean spirited people out here in this world who will attack others with their words and their accusations may or may not be true. Never the less the effect could cause damage to our emotions if we allow them to.

As children of the Living GOD, we must understand that we will always be eyed for a weak spot to attack. We can never let our guard down. This is why we must always be mindful of the things of GOD, always being watchful and praying.

I no longer work a secular job, however, when I hear my brothers and sisters speak about issues they go through at work I can hear the stress and I’m reminded what it was like when I was employed before retiring many years ago. Being employed is a major blessing but it’s also stressful because we interact with so many souls, some are saved and some are not.

It was at my place of employment that the LORD decided to train my character and integrity. And I’m sure that HE’s using this place for you as well but you may not realize this and you are defending yourself when you are being accused of things that you had nothing to do with.

Today is the day that you need to make up in your mind that you don’t need to fight your own battles. You need to realize that your heavenly FATHER does see and hear every little thing that you are doing, you can’t hide anything at all from HIM. And hears every little word you are thinking in your heart and mind and saying out of your mouth.

So with this knowledge, it’s better that we take all the blows that people hurl at us. When people say that we did this or that, say nothing. When people say that we said this or that, say nothing.

People will begin to recognize the character change of strength in you and the integrity that you now have. It will no longer be you defending you but the GOD in you defending you.

Eventually, there will come a time that you will be so secure in who you are in CHRIST JESUS that what people say about you will not matter.



Isaiah 53:7; Lev. 5:1, Prov. 29:24 (2nd verse), Matt.26:62-63, 27:12-14, Jn. 19:9


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