Happy hour or Happy life

snoopyhappydance Ok, it’s coming to that time in the day when work is about to wind up and you look at the clock thinking happy hour. 

Then another day; the same routine and the same thought; happy hour; my question is why are so many people living for the happy hour when there is so much to live for in the happy life? 

I remember having a conversation with someone who shared with me that as a child their dad would take him to church every Sunday. Then it stopped and he continued then he stopped simple because he did not understand why he was attending church. In essence what was the point and this maybe the same story many of you can relate to as well or not.  

However, every one of us gets the attendance of worship service incorrect; none of us can attend church because church is supposed to be within us. The only way church can truly be within us is that JESUS must reside within us. What it is that we are doing is attending a fellowship with believers in JESUS CHRIST. Let us not keep from fellowshipping with one another; Heb. 10:20-25. We are to collectively meet together with one mind and heart in CHRIST JESUS praising JESUS and reading scriptures as we listen and learn how to apply the Word of GOD to our lives. As well as find out or be reminded as to who we are in CHRIST JESUS. 

So when we come to JESUS CHRIST we become the church and we begin to forgive because JESUS is a forgiver, Mt. 9:5 and we begin to love because JESUS loves, Mt. 22:37. When we are a part of the body 1 Cor. 12:27 we have the ability to love our enemies as well as pray not prey but pray for those who come against us but also pray for GOD to develop us so that we can see ourselves as we need to be seen and to hear ourselves as we need to be heard as CHRISTians. 

Many of us live in a fantasy world thinking that we are sinless, that nothing is wrong with us, that we don’t require a grooming and polishing from the Word of GOD. Some of us don’t realize that we are legalistic and this pushes people away; every time you are around it’s Don’t. There are some of us who are critical not realizing that everything you say and do is perfect. Grace is nowhere to be found in our relationship with JESUS and we wonder why we can’t get people in our family to come to church with us or want to know JESUS. 

People have heavy hearts for various reasons and GOD has in place people who know just how to touch those people. If you are not one of them; the best thing you can do is be loving and kind.  

Stop working to please JESUS because the very best work we can do is rest in JESUS. Matthew 11:28 instructs us to come to JESUS; this involves motion, we must move towards HIM. The next thing is that you must be a worker and tired; you are religious; stop it, you can’t work enough charities, you can’t run to every conference or event, ministry meeting and such. All these self efforts will get us nowhere; JESUS desires for us to rest and trust in HIM. If you don’t attend every conference or event you will not lose your place in heaven; once you come to JESUS you are sealed.

Our life must be balanced in CHRIST JESUS; we are renewed in CHRIST JESUS. In HIM we are new creations, our old nature is dead and gone, and you have new passions, 2 Cor. 5:17. But if you don’t know this then you will live the same old dead tired life looking for the next happy hour. 

You must allow JESUS to come inside of you and live so that you may live a happy life; better yet, a life full of abundant joy; Ps. 16:11.


We must come to JESUS because JESUS is coming to us and in HIS coming to us; HE cleanses us from all our sins. HE cleanse us whiter than snow and becomes our LORD and Savior; John 6:37 and Is. 1:18.  

I believe the time has come for some to exchange the happy hour of the devil for the happy life in JESUS.

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