Heal – Deuteronomy 32:39

Now see that I, even I, AM HE, and there is no god besides ME; I AM the One who heals; there is nothing and no one who can deliver from MY hand. (Paraphrased)

When GOD first used the description of “I AM” HE was giving answer to Moses when Moses asked HIM; ‘What is HIS name?’ what shall I say to them?” The answer; GOD said to Moses, “I AM WHO I AM.”[Exodus 3:13-14] That answer was given thousands and thousands of years ago and the answer remains the same. I AM WHO I AM; which means that whatever you need me to be; I AM. We all need to be healed of some symptom or another; the reason why I’m using the word symptom is because if you are saved through JESUS we don’t get sick; we have symptoms. No need to think to yourself; oh boy Elder Shawn has gone off the deep end. CHRISTians do get sick; I know CHRISTians that died from this or that. No that’s not true; I’ve not gone off the deep end and you don’t know any CHRISTian that died from this or that; you know CHRISTians that died from symptoms or are suffering from symptoms. This is how we have to view those things that may attack our bodies. First and foremost believe what the Word of GOD has told you; Mt. 4:24; 8:7, 13, 15-16; 12:15, 22; 14:14; 15:28, 30; 17:18; 21:14. These are just a few healings I’ve provided for you; read all the gospels to exercise your faith on being healed. And while you are exercising your faith know that what the Word has said about JESUS and your healing is true. The scripture that I have chosen for you to read; is the actual Jewish translation from the original Hebrew language. I want you to get a true picture of what happened to JESUS for you personally not that pretty picture that we all have seen in our lives. Before I share the scripture; I want you to know that the back of JESUS was so brutally beaten that there actually was no flesh left on his back; what is revealed is horrific. The back of JESUS was one, huge, gaping hole where you could see his ligaments, muscles, spine, tendons; there was no skin left to count as a whelp or scare. This was an actual bloody and gory mess. And He Is pierced for our transgressions, *Bruised for our iniquities, the chastisement of our peace Is on Him, and by His *bruise there Is healing to us. [Isaiah 53:5 YLT] Understand my brothers and sister in CHRIST JESUS that our flesh is nothing more than dirt. Think of it this way; when you make a mud cake and allow it to dry; it begins to crack and fall apart. Our flesh is doing just what it’s supposed to do; we are cracking and falling apart. However, GOD has given man the intelligence to eat, exercise and live healthy so that we can remain youthful as we grow older. But many of us including myself don’t eat healthy; we don’t exercise; meaning walking versus driving everywhere. Think of it; a simple thing like eating healthy and walking keeps the activity of our limbs supple and our internal organs functioning properly. We are lazy and rebellious but none the less we are healed because of what JESUS did for us. GOD has also given man the intelligence to make medicines to help with the symptoms that are in our bodies because they are a nuisance. The world knows that there is no cure for the common cold but there is medication that we can take to relieve us of the symptoms. Sickness and diseases cannot penetrate our bodies because we are healed. I know this and I refuse to believe anything else; [is there anyone who will stand with me on this?] Sickness and diseases are assigned to those who do not have the Living CHRIST living inside of them. Ask yourself this question; if JESUS lives inside of me, how can sickness or disease live inside of me also? The answer is that it can’t. As JESUS is so am I also in the earth. So brothers and sisters continue to take your medications if you need to; but don’t confess that you have a sickness or disease; confess that you are healed according to Is. 53:5 and read every healing scripture in the Word of GOD. After all; you don’t want to be in pain; or consistently sneezing and other fleshy symptoms that we may have to go through. As I’m sure you have heard before and I will ask you this question also. Who’s report will you believe; the doctors, the television commercials, the bill board, or magazine ads or the Word of GOD? It’s your decision, it’s your choice. I choose JESUS and His Word.

*Bruise – to crush by beating or pounding; smash, break, shatter.



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