Healing-Mark 7:33


As I was reading this particular scripture; it became clear to me that JESUS did not spit on HIS fingers or hands and put them back into the man’s ears. What I found out in my spirit is that we have used the word spat as a one dimension definition. True spat is a past tense of spit; however, what I believe is that when JESUS was facing the deaf man HE placed HIS right index finger in the left ear and HIS left index finger in the right ear. Then I believe that HE gave the man’s ear a gently blow or slap; licked HIS fingers and placed them back into the man’s ears again and began to pray. JESUS often did some unconventional tactics when HE healed someone. For instance in Mark 8:23 JESUS spit on the eyes of a blind man and then laid HIS hands on him and the man began to see men who looked like trees walking. I believe that this man saw angels first. The tactics that JESUS used was not the outcome of the healing because JESUS alone is the healer. However, JESUS did certain things as an example that we may use to help another when we are moved by compassion to see someone who is sick or is demon possessed or who is without a working member of the body. Remember when Peter put the mourners out of the room before he began to pray for Tabitha; well where do you think he got that from? He saw JESUS do that in Matthew 9:25. JESUS is health personified nothing could remain sick or dead around HIM unless you wanted to remain that way. All JESUS had to do was walk by or say from where ever “anyone dead; sick; demon possessed; lame be healed” and it would have been so. But if HE had done that how would we know how to pray or move on behalf of someone had JESUS not given us some form of demonstration? YOU go JESUS; YOU rock!!!


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