Call, Called


Most people think that that they know who JESUS is. Yet, they don’t rest in HIM and that is because they don’t really know who HE is. When we know just who CHRIST JESUS is we will come to rest in HIM as the SON who has been given to us, our Wonderful, our Counselor, our Mighty GOD, our Everlasting FATHER, and our Prince of Peace. And though HE is so much more than this, this is the introduction of who HE is.

  1. Beloved SON – the begotten of the FATHER
  2. Wonderful – at the mention of HIS name we should be excited in admiration, astonished by who we are in HIM and who HE is to us, and surprised by the evidence of what HE is doing in our lives.
  3. Counselor – HE advises us in our conduct and integrity.
  4. Mighty GOD – very loving, very forgiving, very powerful, very strong, very bold, has great command, very loud, very great, very forcible, very great in intellect and acquirements, very large, very important and momentous, very greatly wise and thoughtful.
  5. Everlasting FATHER – enduring forever, perpetual/continues indefinitely, endless, un-intermitted, eternal, beginning and end, past, middle and future.
  6. Prince of Peace – sovereign, chief and independent ruler, the SON of the KING, prince of life, chief of all priest, prince of the sanctuary, prince of quiet and tranquility, prince of freedom from agitation and disturbance of the mind, prince of freedom and internal commotion, prince of freedom from arguments and suites, prince of freedom from fear, terror, anger, anxiety, prince of quietness of the mind, calm, heavenly rest, harmonious, be at peace due to or reconciliation.

The above is only a wee bit of how mighty our GOD is. My life is not long enough to express verbally or in writing just how awesome GOD truly is. Now let’s get on with the topic of this blog.

The LORD has called us in HIS righteousness and HE will continually hold our hand. HE will keep us and HE has already given to us HIS covenant for the people, we are to assist in the opening of blind eyes just as someone assisted us by telling us the goodness of CHRIST JESUS. We must help to bring people out of the prison of sin because in this prison house there is no light but this house is filled with darkness. The LORD our GOD is our Creator and HE is the ONE who formed us in our mother’s womb by knitting us together. So cease from being afraid CHRIST JESUS has redeemed us, we have been called by our name and we belong to HIM. CHRIST JESUS is our Savior. Each of us who have been called by name has been created for HIS glory. The LORD is the ONE who has called us from our mother’s womb and while yet still in her womb GOD mentioned our names, HE has created our mouths to be sharp swords of righteousness. We are kept hidden by HIS hand and are polished arrows in the case where HE keeps HIS arrows. JESUS is our Maker and husband, HIS name is LORD of Hosts, HE is our Redeemer, the HOLY ONE, HE is called the GOD of all the earth and the LORD has called us. We are the house of the LORD, not the buildings where we assemble once or twice a week. And from HIS house/our bodies, we are to pray. We keep asking GOD to step in for whatever reason but GOD has called us to be the repairer of the breach/that which is broken; to fill up the whole which has been left by hurt, anger, and pain. We are the ones to be used to restore people. We are the ones to restore the streets back to the people of GOD for habitation by taking them back from the evil one. This is the Good News of our salvation the Holy Spirit of the LORD GOD was in JESUS and the LORD anointed JESUS to preach the Good News to everyone poor in spirit/void of the Holy Spirit. JESUS was sent to us to heal our broken hearts, HE set us free from captivity and now we must live lives that are in freedom in HIM, HE opened up the prison gates and set the righteous free and HE opened up the prison gates so that those who were or are bound in sin and now believes in HIM will come forward and begin their life of freedom in HIM. CHRIST JESUS consoles us and provides us with beauty for those ashes we had, daily we receive the oil of joy to no longer be in mourning, we are wearing our garments of praise so that the spirit of heaviness will no longer have its way with us and we are called trees of righteousness and are planted by the LORD so that HE will be glorified in us. We are no longer forsaken, destitute, deprived, waste, ruined, neglected, destroyed, and alone. Because we are called by the LORD our GOD and HE delights in us. Know who you are in CHRIST JESUS call yourself as HE calls us which is HIS Holy people and HIS redeemed.

The LORD has called our name green olive tree, lovely and of good fruit. We are called by the name of the LORD. As a part of our daily nutritional diet, we are to eat the Word of the LORD unlike our natural diet the LORD’s diet provides us with joy and rejoicing within our heart. Because we are called by HIS name the LORD GOD of hosts. We are saved and we live safely in JESUS who is called the LORD our RIGHTEOUSNESS. Ah, I’m getting so filled up with the need to express great pleasure in my GOD JESUS. CHRIST JESUS has restored our health HE has healed all of our wounds.

Look towards Jerusalem my dear one in CHRIST JESUS because it is called the City of Truth, the Mountain of the LORD of Host and the Mountain of the Holy One.

Beloved siblings through CHRIST JESUS we have received grace and we are called by CHRIST JESUS. All things work together for our good that is to those of us who love GOD and are called according to HIS purpose. Because HE knew us before the foundation of all HIS creations HE predestined HE conformed us to be in the image of HIS SON JESUS, that HE may be the first-born of many brothers. Beyond what has been said and written those HE decreed beforehand were called by HIM and those HE foreordained HE justified moreover the justified has been glorified in HIM. No longer are we outcast and unbeloved because in CHRIST JESUS we are called HIS people, sons of the living GOD.

We are sanctified in CHRIST JESUS, called to be HIS saints along with anyone who calls on the name of our LORD CHRIST JESUS. We have been given the grace of GOD by CHRIST to be enriched in everything by HIM in all manner of speaking and knowledge even the testimony of CHRIST which is confirmed within us so that we will not be lacking any gift as we eagerly wait for the full revelation of CHRIST who will confirm us to the very end that we are blameless in the day of our LORD CHRIST JESUS. GOD is faithful and HE called us into a relationship with HIS SON, CHRIST JESUS. Notice that I wrote relationship and not religion. It’s a hurtful thing when people desire signs and earthly wisdom over having faith in CHRIST. But regardless we are going to continue to share the crucifixion of JESUS, HIS burial, HIS rising from the dead and HIS ascension up above the clouds to be seated at the right hand of HIS and our FATHER. CHRIST is the power and wisdom of GOD. The wisdom of GOD is foolishness to everyone who believes to be educated or wise and the weakness of GOD is stronger than all mankind. That’s if we can wrap our minds around GOD being weak because by far there is no weakness within HIM, remember HE is the Mighty GOD and where there is Mightiness weakness cannot be found. Glory only in the LORD our GOD and see you’re calling in HIM for our calling has nothing to do with our flesh, nothing to do with our education, knowledge or wisdom, nothing to do with how strong we appear or how elevated in stature because of who we are or what we have. GOD has called us to peace. Live life as GOD has called us to live whatever GOD has given to us and however, GOD has called us live accordingly. Cease from being what we see others in the body of CHRIST are, stop self-elevating yourselves to appear important doing so without the proper equipping from the Holy Spirit will cause you more harm and danger than you expected. Remain in the calling of which you have been called if GOD desires to elevate you HE will.


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