If you believe that dancing is a sin, you don’t understand the concept of dancing. Now, it is true that some of the dances behind my generation are a bit risqué and you will never see me attempt any of them. However, I grew up doing the twist, the jerk, the monkey, the mashed potato, walking the dog and various others when I grew up in the sixties and did many of the dances that came about in the seventies during my young adult life. And though it is true that my dancing was never in exhilaration to the FATHER but for the exhilaration of the music I was a great dancer. When I came to JESUS the ministries that I received my early knowledge of CHRIST JESUS had a problem with the outward appearance and dancing. What bothered me the most was that they often spoke against dancing and I could never wrap my mind around that, and at home when I heard the great music of my youth I danced with no conviction that I was doing anything wrong. Also, though I had read and knew that David danced before the LORD and that the only person who had a problem with it was his wife Michael. It was not until I received revelation knowledge that my heavenly FATHER does not have a problem with dancing but has a problem with who we dance with and for. Our dancing can reveal too many who are filled with the Holy Spirit just who we are dancing for. Now I don’t know if the problem Michael the wife of King David had was the dancing itself or the fact that he danced right out of his clothes. Dancing is leaping, skipping, and moving about with gaiety, stepping to the sound of music through measured steps. And though it’s not a requirement when we take a look at the definition of dancing, it helps when dancing is done to the beat of the music, that the dancer has a sense of rhythm. In my opinion, the greatest dancing is when we lose ourselves in the goodness of CHRIST JESUS. I have witnessed others and I myself have danced in the Holy Spirit and with the Holy Spirit. Dancing in and of itself when done is not a sin. However, I encourage my siblings in CHRIST JESUS to refrain from doing any type of dance which ignites the sexual passion. That is unless you are married and dancing this way with your husband. We need to stop being so prudish because there are times and places for everything in our lives.


I desire and so should others desire to have GOD’s love, grace and goodness through CHRIST JESUS cause us to dance. We all have had a miserable existence and when we think about all that CHRIST JESUS has and is doing for us in our lives. We should want to dance before HIM. Those of us who lived in the spirit of depression and oppression may know what I’m writing about. If we have been released from any type of addiction, we should want to dance before the LORD our GOD. No one can turn our darkness into light and no one other than CHRIST JESUS can turn our mourning into dancing. CHRIST JESUS has taken off our filthy rags and clothed us in gladness and joy. So dance before the LORD it’s not a sin as legalistic/Pharisees/Sadducees will like for us to believe.

Psalms 30:11


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