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The heart, it’s a wonderful mechanism who can know it better than GOD? As humans, the majority of us view the heart as only the organ in which the blood is pumped to keep us alive. Although that is only a small bit of its function. The heart is the throne of our imaginative thought, our intent and motives be they good or evil. Sin resides here not only its actions but the sin of disbelief in JESUS and HIS Word. And because the heart is deceitful and wicked so are we though we are able to be kind and nice at times to whom we choose to be. The heart is revengeful and has the ability to build up walls around it to make one very hard-hearted and cold against others. Empathy and Sympathy are no longer existent or in limited supply. Nevertheless, there is a way to have a heart transplant without invasive surgery. First, let’s take a small look at some examples of the heart without CHRIST JESUS and with CHRIST JESUS.

As humans, we all get caught up on the appearance on how a person look outwardly. This happens regardless of our being unsaved or saved. When unsaved we never consider their character, we noticed this in the Bible especially when it came time to find another king. The brothers of David must have been some very handsome maybe GQ type looking guys they were strutted in front of the Prophet but because David spent all his time out in the field with the animals rolling around on the ground and stinking by choice of his father. He was not considered, bless GOD that the Prophet had a relationship with the LORD and listened to HIS voice and requested that his missing son be brought before him. Reluctantly he was sent for and the LORD anointed David as the king. David may not have had the stature and looks of his older brothers but what he did have that his brothers did not have, was a relationship with the LORD. Wicked hearts will never look for the deep, inner person but the meaningless, superficial, topical junk. Wicked hearts are not disciplined and trained to think as the LORD does. To raise their thoughts up higher towards heaven. When we think lowly we are lowly but when we think thoughts that are generated by the LORD we are HIS. What are your thoughts consumed by? That is who you are. Going to church every time the doors are open does not make you a Christian just like going to McDonald’s does not make you a Big Mac. An unsaved heart is deceitful and when led by its desires we believe that we are right in them. Not realizing that they are leading us to death. Unsaved hearts harbor evil because of the sinfulness that is engulfed by it. We are mad and insane by sin believing that we are having fun and because of this life we believe this life we live is normal when in actuality it’s anything but normal.


Second, knowing what a changed saved hearted person is. Our now living spirit hunger and thirst for the living places of GOD. And just as picturesque as the deer is running or panting beside the brook. So it is for us in how we long for our FATHER GOD. Our true self, our inner man, our spirit thirsts for the Living GOD.

Once we by faith in CHRIST JESUS have believed wholeheartedly in HIM and confessed HIM out of our mouth without reservation. This is what happens to us immediately, our heart will be unified with other blood purchased and washed believers of CHRIST JESUS. Our spirit will be replaced with a living spirit and the dead spirit evicted from within us. The heart that had the wall surrounding it will be taken from us and replaced with a brand new heart of flesh like it was when we were being knitted within our mother’s womb but only better. This heart will have JESUS reigning within it, JESUS will be sitting on the throne of our heart now and sin is no longer there. We can no longer call ourselves sinners but we are now the righteousness of GOD through CHRIST JESUS. We are no longer the people of the world and especially the people of satan. Now we are the people of the Living GOD and the Living GOD is ours, yea! So with the same heart, we only have one way to reverence the Living GOD forever. Our FATHER has made an everlasting covenant with us that HE will do us good and not turn away from us and HE has put in our heart a reverential awe of HIMSELF so that we will not turn away from HIM.  The FATHER will rejoice over us to do us good, and HE will faithfully plant us in this land with all HIS heart and with all HIS soul.

A true CHRISTian’s heart is pure it’s not tainted by sin no evidence of being spotted or blemished in others words no sin. And if you the reader are having a difficult time with this then you may not be a possessor but a professor and that is as different as the grass is from the sky. Believing in CHRIST JESUS will cause a believer to want to speak of JESUS all the time with others. Sure we will be a well-rounded individual and can and should be able and must hold various conversations. However, when people see us they should know that JESUS will be placed into the conversation to encourage, inform or inspire in some form or fashion. I don’t allow anyone I don’t care who they are unless I know them intimately (know their heart) that is to just say God in a conversation with me and leave it there. I need to know what the name of their God is so I ask because there is only one name that is above every name and that is the name that every knee will bow down to and that every tongue will confess. This is the name that has all authority within it so if I come across offensive, I don’t mean to be so I’m just trying to see your heart. I don’t want to walk away, troubled by the conversation I had with someone thinking that we were of one heart when in essence we were of divided hearts. My entire ministry is to introduce and encourage people about JESUS so that HE will be believed in. Another characteristic that is known within the true CHRISTian is that we are in constant peace and we are not afraid. JESUS lives within us and because JESUS lives within us it’s impossible for darkness and light to share the exact same space one will dominate the other. I chose light many years ago so depression, stress, and worry had to finally leave once I grabbed ahold of the truth. And once I took hold of the truth fear went running away. My heart rejoice in JESUS because I know that in time I will finally get to see HIM face to face, yippee! Oh, by the way when darkness leaves we are not left empty the Holy Spirit will replace those voids with His gifts, where I was happy based on circumstances I’m now filled with the joy of the LORD continually regardless of my circumstance. Finally, GOD is not some distant far off the invisible religious person of the Bible that we envision in our minds before we came to JESUS as one who is sitting up in heaven who is constantly angry and waiting to pound us on the head with a bat when we step too far out of line. Neither is HE causing havoc with judging the world. No, actually GOD is a loving compassionate person who loves non-believers and believers. HE loves non-believers so much HE is still giving them the time to come to JESUS before it’s too late. And for all the havoc that is going on in the world, HE has nothing to do with it but HE gets blamed for them. As children of the Living GOD, we are to call HIM FATHER just as JESUS did when HE was here on earth with us. JESUS gave us such great examples to follow and one of them were the prayers that HE prayed when HE prayed HE prayed to the FATHER. Why is it that we don’t? I have heard so many people pray to JESUS when we are to pray to the FATHER in the name of JESUS. There was a time when prayers were done and nothing was asked in the name of JESUS but that was pre-crucifixion. Post-crucifixion changed everything and we must pray to the FATHER in the name of JESUS, we must ask. JESUS promise that our joy will remain full.

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