It is often said and I am more often inclined to agree since my very first hearing of this statement. That we only utilize ten percent of our one hundred percent brain. Most people will get locked into the one dimension of the vocabulary for a word and never embark on the other meanings if there are any. We gravitate towards dumbing ourselves down instead of elevating ourselves up as if being intelligent is a curse or uncool. Let’s take this word height, it’s a guarantee that most people only recognize the word to mean upward distance or tall. But it’s because of our limited potential to exercise our vocabulary that we miss out on the enrichment of Bible study. During my twenty-three years of ministry, my three best friends have been my Bible, Concordance, and Dictionary. With the help that I receive from the Holy Spirit, I am led into some great communications with Him and sometimes am so awestruck that I just simply can’t take anymore. And just have to walk away praising and being thankful for the understanding.

What does it take for the FATHER to convince or satisfy some of us that HE is who HE is, that JESUS, HIS only begotten SON is who HE is, did what HE’s done and will do what HE said HE will do before complete and total trust is given? What does it take to persuade some of us that we are who we are told who we are in CHRIST JESUS and who we are without HIM?

Why is it so very difficult for some of us to believe that if we are truly blood washed and blood purchased that death, life, angels, demons, things that do or don’t exist, powers above or below or anything created are able to separate us from CHRIST JESUS love? Life happens to us all, we are going to go through some things. The key word is going through but some of us just pitch a tent and reside or camp out others just drop and take a seat. In life we are to go through because we can, life will not separate us from JESUS and JESUS will not leave us because we are going through life. What some of our problems are is that we sing stupid songs as “Lord do not pass me by” when the Scripture clearly informed us that HE will never leave or forsake (depart, abandon) us.

My prayer for you and I hope that you too will pray this for yourself is that you request to better know with understanding the love that the FATHER has towards you. I dare not share with you the reader what that love is because to give you a concrete answer would be to expose myself as a fool. However, to be rooted in the love of the FATHER is key through CHRIST JESUS. Our FATHER, after all, is our very strength and we must grab this knowledge and live in that. When we fully experience that amazing endless love the FATHER has for us through HIS SON, JESUS we will be able to continually speak in victory and live in victory and be as GOD created us to be and that is dominate conquerors over everything.   

Romans 8:39 and Ephesians 3:18


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