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August 25, 2020

Do you know what you are saying?-Rom. 9:1

As a non-believer, it is familiar to hear people say that they “swear before God” as if they are telling pure unadulterated truth. This is called putting weight behind what is being said, to bear witness. 

And, then we have Christians who have made it familiar for them to say as “God is my witness” and in actuality, this is no different from what the non-believers will say. 

But do either know what it is that they are saying? 

I do not believe that they do because unfortunately when this is said by either believer or non-believer you can take it to the bank that there is a hidden motive, a lie that has laced the truth and caused everything that they are saying to become a bold-faced lie.

Believers in CHRIST JESUS have had that spirit of lying removed from them but most do not realize this so they continue to converse as they did before repenting and coming to JESUS. And, as time goes by the habit of lying comes to an end.

Paul said this “I tell the truth in CHRIST, I am not lying, my conscience bears witness in the Holy Ghost”. 

The conscience is our eternal judgment of right and wrong, the power principle within us. Have you ever noticed that when you are operating from complete honesty, you do not hear a voice in your mind about what it is that you are either doing or saying? But, when you operate from half-truths, no truth, and wicked motives the conscience begins to work overtime trying to get you to correct that which you have done or said. To bottom line this, the conscience operates from the law, this is why we experience guilt it comes from the conscience. The Holy Spirit, however, operates in grace, mercy, and truth.

When Paul was known as Saul, people knew him to be a liar and a zealot in the Jewish faith [he denied JESUS and killed anyone he laid his hands on who believed in JESUS]. So, for him as with most of us, it does take a bit of time for people to witness the transformation from that dead old person we once were to the living and new creation that we have become and becoming.

We must be extremely careful about putting GOD the FATHER, GOD the Savior JESUS, and especially HIS Holy Spirit in our conversation. 

The reason is that when we put them into our conversation we are proclaiming that GOD is our soul’s witness to our being completely honest from the heart of what we are saying to others or doing with or for others.

Never, make your case using GOD the FATHER, JESUS, or the Holy Spirit as your witness if you are not willing to exercise one hundred percent honesty with yourself and others.


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