Holy Spirit – Job 33:4



Every man is created of the LORD GOD but every man is not a child of the LORD GOD. Who is the LORD GOD? HE is FATHER; the only begotten SON of the FATHER and the Holy Spirit of the Living and True GOD Almighty. HE is the breath of Life which gives life to mankind. In Genesis when the LORD GOD said let us make man in our image; HE was not speaking of HIMSELF alone but the Holy Trinity who are One. The LORD GOD is GOD of all created things and even in the sin of mankind HE is merciful towards us. It is by HIM that our life is preserved; yet mankind does not take knowledge of this fact which is evident in that sinful man does not observe to obey the written Word of the LORD GOD. We are to be encouraged by the Holy Spirit to live for the LORD GOD and worship HIM alone. The LORD GOD understood that mankind needed a Savior and this is why HE sent HIS only begotten SON whose name is JESUS to come and show mankind the way to life. The Holy Spirit remakes mankind anew by performing a regeneration of all those who hears HIS voice and will come to JESUS out of acceptance and faith. The Holy Spirit quickens mankind who is dead in their sins and trespasses and cause mankind to be alive to GOD. Mankind will begin to desire the desire of the spirit; he will have spiritual senses; spiritual actions instead of the desire of the flesh and senses.


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    1. Dear Scott,

      I am always elated to know what the Holy Spirit has to say through me and that there are people like you who enjoy reading the publications that are posted daily 5 days a week. Nothing that is written is to remain just with the reader; it is my desire that every reader share these postings with others.

      Continue to encourage me as I encourage you and others with the simplistic writings of the scriptures and my personal testimony. I don’t have to know you to love you. Be encouraged! Enjoy to the full as we celebrate this up and coming Resurrection Sunday!!

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