Holy Spirit – Mark 13:11

But when they arrest you and deliver you up, do not worry beforehand, or premeditate what you will speak. But whatever is given you in that hour, speak that; for it is not you who speak, but the Holy Spirit.

The Disciples of Christ, may enjoy holy security and peace of mind, when all around is in disorder. I have a personal testimony that will fit this scripture and how JESUS showed HIMSELF to me as my advocate. Back in 2003; I had just survived the third stroke in three years. These strokes often left me completely blind; tired and weak. During this short earthshaking moment in my life; the one person I should have been able to lean on; deserted me. The woman that I found him in the company of had great nerve and miscalculated who I was. For that matter so did my ex-spouse; by nature I’m not a confrontational or violent person. But this particular day was the day that the lid from the boiling pot exploded. In my confused emotional state of mind I gave the woman an old fashioned Washington, DC beat down and my ex-husband was not left out either. I had so much anger that was let out on the woman that later I was told that she had been beaten within an inch of her life and had to be hospitalized. But not before she tried to convince the police that I had stabbed her. This I did not do and I never confessed to such an act on my part. I was placed in the county jail for three months being charged with attempted murder. After having the worst nervous breakdown of the various mental breakdowns that I had experienced; I began to feel loneliness as never before. I began to question myself why is it that I feel so very alone. Then it dawned on me; I know longer felt the presence of the Living GOD in me; near me or around me. This is not to say that HE was not there because HE was; I just did not know it. I found myself seeking after the Most High GOD as never before; I craved HIS presence and I realized that I could no longer take for granted the presence of my DADDY; JESUS or the Holy Spirit. I began to remember a song and sang it all day; day after day until I began to recognize the presence of GOD again. I heard in my spirit that “I AM the LORD GOD and I will never leave or forsake you”. “I will guide you through this time”. One of the first things I began to realize is that I obtained favor from the Correctional Officers; then the inmates realized that they belonged in jail but I did not and often asked me why was I there and often said to me that I don’t belong their but they did. Once I found out that a Bible Study was available I took advantage and quickly the instructors could see that JESUS was not a stranger to me. Then the inmates realized this too and they began to come to me and speak with me about their lives; they would cry and desire to change but unfortunately none of them accepted CHRIST JESUS while I was there. Then came the time when I would have to appear in court to face the charges along with the witnesses and victims. Each time JESUS would tell me not to say anything that HE would do all the speaking for me. Each time I went before the Judge I was returned to my cell for various reasons. I remember one time my mother; all of my God-parents and true friends had come. JESUS said to me “when you speak with your attorney that the court has given to you; I want you to tell her this. “Whatever my mother and God-mothers tell you to do; do it”. Later that day in Bible Study; we were reading and discussing the story of Jonah and the great fish the place Joppa exploded off the page. This is because GOD told me that I was to leave the Washington, DC Metro Area and move to Delaware. I on the other hand stopped in Joppatowne, MD to reside. It’s here where I met my ex-spouse and it was here that my trouble began. Once I realized what I had done; I repented; GOD than began to deal with the issues that I had and within that same week I was delivered from anger, depression, low-self esteem, oppression and suicidal tendencies. The following day I attended Bible Study and informed the instructors that this would be my last session because I will be going home. Had I been told that I had finally been given bail or found not guilty by the Judge of the court? Of course not; however, I had been told by JESUS that HE has paid for my freedom and that I will be recognized by the court that I am not guilty. That very same evening; the Correctional Officer came in and got me; now listen to this favor. Never before had any of the Correctional Officers spoken unkind to me but this evening he did. The nurse who dispenses medication came in and said that I had to get my medication first because the Correctional Officer must move me. The inmates were wondering what I could have done and kept asking him; “what had she done”? The Correctional Officer placed me and the medical nurse in the door closed and locked it as he went back into the dorm area. He must have told them what was going on; then he came through the door and the three of us went through the other locked door. As he escorted me through without speaking with me; I began to hear clapping and with my very low vision I saw the shadows of Correctional Officers all lined up and cheering that I was being released. I began to shake with excitement as they all hugged me and said their farewells. I then heard a loud cheer and as I looked back it was all the inmates cheering for me. WoW; what a GOD I serve. My God-parents picked me up and my life began to manifest itself as never before. My final trip to court was with my long time friend of over 30+ years. The Judge pronounced not guilty and that I would not have a record; it would be as if I had never spent three months of my life in jail; it would be as if I had never gone before the Judge as often as I did. I raised my hands giving GOD the praise in a way that I had never done before. I realized that I had to take heed that I am not drawn away from CHRIST and my duty to HIM, by the sufferings I may meet with for HIS sake. The work that I am called to should be carried on and to prosper. Though I may be crushed and borne down, the gospel cannot be. The salvation promised is more than deliverance from evil, it is everlasting blessedness. This is the lesson I received from the Holy Spirit and I have not settled down as yet. If anything the Holy Spirit and I are going at a pace I did not realize would happen to me. Every sermon that I teach comes directly from the mouth of the Holy Spirit. Every blog that I write comes directly from the hand of the Holy Spirit. The LOVE that I have for self and people in general comes from the fruit of the Holy Spirit. The forgiveness that I have towards myself and people in general is compelled through me by the Holy Spirit. Though I accepted salvation in 1977; was baptized by the Holy Spirit in the late 80’s and was water baptized in the early 90’s. The power of the Holy Spirit manifested Himself in a manner that I did not expect during my lowest moment in life. Once the Holy Spirit delivered me from myself and those demonic influences HE replaced within my spirit HIS fruit. And they are the following: Love; joy; peace; longsuffering; kindness; goodness; faithfulness; gentleness and self-control. Oh glory; how awesome is my life now and I don’t see me slowing down at all for the Living GOD but it’s my desire to increase with what HE can trust me with. The Holy Spirit; I never leave home without HIM.



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