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We all want this, don’t exactly know what this is but we all want it. Well, I’m here to share with you that what we all want is abundance in everything good. We all want an abundance of money so that we will never have to work again. We all want an abundance of clothes and shoes. We all want an abundant supply of whatever it is that we want. Well, my only answer for our having a desire to be blessed abundantly is found in the scriptures which informs us that we can be fully sufficient with an abundant supply that is only in GOD who supplies us aboundingly, in the measure of great quantity and overflowing.

It is the LORD who said HIMself, the LORD GOD is gracious, longsuffering (patient), and merciful, HE is abundant in goodness and truth. Ex. 34:6

That above is the character and nature of GOD the FATHER and of GOD the SON, CHRIST JESUS. It is HIS nature to be compassionate, faithful and ever ready to forgive. HE knows mankind because HE became Man and it is because of this that HE takes pity on us, HE is not easily angered with us and HE is consistently showing us HIS great love. But when we don’t know the FATHER and the SON intimately by being in an ongoing relationship with HIM then how are we to know HIS character and nature? We can’t and this is why we believe and fall for the dumb things that sound good but are in actuality a cheap shot at the character and very nature of GOD from satan and his demons.

Do we really know that satan and his demons are thieves and that it is their mission to steal the abundant life that we are to have in CHRIST JESUS away from us by keeping us blind, deaf and dumb to HIS Word? Every second of our life that we are not living in the abundant life of CHRIST JESUS is a second too long. Because without the Word of GOD living within us, we are daily being destroyed and killed. CHRIST JESUS stepped down from HIS throne and out of the bosom of HIS FATHER to live among us. HE taught us how to obey the Law of Moses without it killing us by one important principle and that is love, love towards our CHRISTian siblings and to exalt HIM without shame before others. To be led by the Holy Ghost who is our powerful instructor of all things CHRIST. This is what grace teaches us not the Law of Moses. True life in CHRIST JESUS is an abundant life that never dries up and blows away. We are given so much that it flows over the rim of our vessel. There is nothing that we will need because CHRIST JESUS has already made provision for us to have. Sure, there are things that we want but it’s mostly in the wanting that we may not receive because far too often it’s what we want that we actually do not need. We must learn the difference between our needs and our wants.

See CHRIST JESUS as being our abundance and we too will be able to live abundantly in CHRIST.

John 10:10


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