How can I control my temper?

Understand that anger in and of itself is not sinful. It’s how we act on the emotion of anger that maybe sinful. When we are treated unjustly sometimes it’s best that we step away to cool off and think about what happened. Do not allow yourself to remain angry as you retire to your bed for the day. This will cause much harm to your spirit and while you are asleep; the thought of your anger and the unjustness that you have experienced will be working overtime in your subconscious mind. When we don’t address a problem we allow that problem to sit, simmer then boil over. It’s far healthier to address a matter when you are calm and can speak to the other person. If the other person is not willing to speak to you in a calm manner than you forgive that person; give the situation to GOD and let it go. This is for your emotional, mental, physical and spiritual health. When you are in the presence of that person do what you can to be at peace with that person. JESUS provided a wonderful example to us. In the book of Matthew; JESUS expressed that HE was angry at the activity that was taking place at the Temple. However, after HE said what had to be said; HE began to heal those that were there. When we are angry we allow our anger to cause mental or physical hurt which is an unjust punishment. This is why GOD has said that we are not to seek revenge but to allow HIM to deal with the vengeance on the person or people who came against us. Only GOD knows how to deal out punishment justly; we have a tendency to go overboard. We all experience anger for various reasons; I think that we become angry from frustration that has never been dealt with properly. For the most part I think we deal with disappointment more than we do anger. Then there are people who become angry just because they can’t get their way. They have that spirit of control and they want to control others but they can’t control themselves. This is a great sign of immaturity. Anger built on being selfish is sinful and if you look deeper you may find that this individual is harboring resentment of some sort. Anger can and will kill any relationship. Remember the enemy comes to kill, steal and to destroy. Misplaced anger is only another tool that is used.  Anger and hatred go hand in hand when it’s not attended to. What is unfounded anger? It’s anger which is self-centered and is allowed to grow in your heart through pride. Do you realize that all murderers; murder because of this mixture of emotions. Anger + hatred = murder. 

Exodus 32:19, 32; Numbers 20:10-11; Psalm 4:4; Matthew 5:21-22; Ephesians 4:26-27; Romans 6:14

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