How can I know GOD’s will for my life?

The first requirement is to know HIM as our SAVIOR. Once we have accepted GOD’s only begotten SON, JESUS we will be able to read the instructions given to us in our Bible. The Holy Spirit will open up our understanding and when we attend a Word teaching ministry we will hear how we are to apply GOD’s Word to our lives in our daily walk. We will be encouraged to obey GOD’s will. Also attending Bible study gives us the opportunity to ask the questions that we are not able to ask during a Saturday or Sunday service. When reading our Bible it helps that we take notes for scriptures that we don’t understand and begin to ask our brothers and sister of faith who are mature in their love walk with GOD to explain. I always explain that our best friend is the Bible, exhaustive concordance and dictionary. Also I am not a fan of reading the Bible through in one year if you are not applying what you’ve read to your life. The Bible is not just another book to be read like a novel. This book will change our life; this book will change how we think; change what we direct our eyes to view; change what we allow to be heard; change how we speak; change where we want to go and spend time; change what we want to do in our lives. The Bible will encourage us and inform us of whom we are to GOD and in GOD. We are given warnings and promises; there is nothing in the Bible that is not covered. We can find out what GOD calls sin and the punishment for sin. We can find out what GOD calls a righteous life within HIM and the promises that we will have when we obey HIM.

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