How does music affect my life?

There is a saying that “music soothes the savage beast.” Well it all depends on the type of music we are listening to. In some countries there is music dedicated with the precise purpose of creating a frenzy among the dancers which is used to call forth demonic spirits to take over their bodies. Some music is created to soothe as is in 1 Samuel 16:16, 23. Some music is created to celebrate as in Luke 15:25. Music will either energize us or relax us. There was a time that when music had lyrics the listener would actually listen to the lyrics because the words spoke to their lives. Now, it’s being said that no one pays attention to the lyrics and that it’s the beat, rhythm that is enjoyed. I enjoy different types of music lyrical and instrumental. I have listened to instrumental music that caused me to become agitated as well as music with lyrics and vice versa. Music will either soothe or create a beast; so it is important to know just how music affects you. There is nothing wrong with a CHRISTian listening to music from the secular realm as long as the music does not cause the person to stray from GOD or to dwell on their past life with a longing to return. Me personally enjoy music from the 40’s the Big Band era; the 50’s early Rock & Roll; the 60’s Classic Motown; the 70’s Smooth Jazz and R&B. During the 80’s for me music was a hit and miss; during the 90’s music for me was more of a miss than a hit. I really enjoy music and it carried over into my CHRISTian walk. I look forward to praising GOD to The Winans; Vanessa Bell Armstrong; Kirk Franklin; Tye Tribbet and such. I also enjoy worshipping GOD to CHRISTian/Gospel music that expounds on who GOD is and HIS love for us. Because music is all around us and it seems to be a conflict about our music choices; I want to take a look at music’s originality and from three various parts. Music was a part of the characteristic of the arch angel Lucifer who once lived in heaven with JESUS; he was known as the bright and morning star. Now he has been evicted from heaven and it makes sense as to why music which is a universal language has become warped. 

Music– has three basic elements; harmony, melody and rhythm. The lyrical content and the manner in which some music is presented can turn us away from GOD instead of leading us to GOD. Music can affect our emotions. GOD wants us always to be in control of our thoughts and emotions. In the Bible music is used to glorify GOD through praise and worship but satan can cause man to abuse and pervert that which GOD intends for good. 

Message – a CHRISTian should always be in charge of his or her thought life. Naturally, those songs dealing with suicide, sex, drugs or devil worship would be songs to reject. The same is true of any song that blasphemes the name of GOD or pokes fun at parental, governmental or civil authority. Apply CHRISTian principles to the music you enjoy.

Messenger– we must be careful in selecting our entertainment hero figures as anyone else. To look up to an entertainer because he or she is popular, successful, wealthy or attractive is shallow. Success comes by doing all that GOD calls us to do and accomplishing HIS revealed will for us in our life. A man or woman who advocates sex before marriage, homosexuality, drug and alcohol use as well as rebellion against authority; ought not to be admired by a CHRISTian. 

Mess – everyone has problems to face and decisions to make that can at times be tough. Take the time to examine the mess that results from a life of sin due to the music you avail yourself to. CHRISTian performers are attempting to live lives pleasing to GOD and to portray a message that is consistent with the Word of GOD. The ultimate goal of music should be to lift up the spirit of man and bring him closer to GOD. Consider the influence of music in your life. It’s always wise to choose the correct influencers of your life.

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