John 1:45-47

          Do you come from an environment or a culture that people judge? Everyone that comes from that region or everyone that is of that color skin is the same. We don’t consider a person just for being who they are. That’s not fair nor is that godly.

          Nazareth was the slums of the time in which JESUS walked the earth. It was the ghetto; HE and his family led a ghetto fabulous life. Some of us will not think of going into a certain city; region or state because of all the negative news we have heard or maybe because the inhabitants there out number you because they have a different hue to their skin tone. JESUS was viewed in that manner. HE came from the wrong side of the tracks. The question is can anyone live in a crime driven area and survive doing well; loving people; helping people is it possible? Is it possible for anyone in an area such as that to encourage those who are considered to come from the right side of the tracks? After all we have it going on, we can get whatever we are in need of. Little do most people know that they need that guy from the slums named JESUS.

          Though JESUS came from a crime ridden area in HIM there was found no deceitfulness;

HE had no need to use trickery or to use fraud for anything. JESUS did not lie or speak controversy HIS speech was clear and plain. In other words if you misunderstood anything JESUS said it’s because you wanted to. It is in this manner in which we also must speak. I remember when the scripture Matthew 5:37 Let your Yes be simply Yes, and your No be simply No; anything more than that comes from the evil one. When this scripture came into my spirit all was well. Have you ever noticed that when someone ask you a question or want you to give them something and you answer [yes] you don’t need to provide an explanation and all is well with the world. However, answer [no] and an explanation is expected and you have no problem providing one. STOP that! Yes is yes and no is no, done, over, finished.

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