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When I grew up as a little girl it was taught that girls were to always be modest. That was meant in one way that really helped in our character as to how we were publicly in our speaking with others and how we sat. We were clothed up until our adult life a certain way that followed us because modesty was an important part of us as being a gentleman was important to the little boys who were being groomed. This is such a lost art now, as well as etiquette. People know and look for manners from people but don’t exhibit them on a consistent basis throughout the course of a day.

When we hear the word humility most people equate that with being weak when in reality it means strength. It takes strength to submit to someone that is arrogant, prideful, always assuming, or have a high opinion of oneself. This is what it means to be modest and this is how we all as gentlemen and ladies must be. I like to think that Moses is a great example-setter of a man who walked in humility. Of course, no one will or can outdo JESUS but if we want to look at another bible example I’ve given you one.

You know, when we come to JESUS and put all our trust in HIM and come to the realization that we truly need HIM every moment of the day. It’s humbling but we need to go a bit further because knowing this is wonderful but some of us may still have the struggle of turmoil going on within us from day to day. That need to be self-reliant, independent, self-willed, quick-tempered, disruptive, negative aggression, anxiety, panic attics, unforgiveness, feelings of defeat, fearful, depression, discouraged, and feelings of unworthy. From the look of this, most people would never think to label this as having a prideful spirit but it is because we are consumed with self. Most consider a person who is prideful as one who thinks highly of oneself and although that is true. Pride’s center point is the fact that it concentrates on an individual’s self-esteem which is molded by others. So if someone encourages us to the point that we are placed on a pinnacle that has placed us in a dangerous place. And if someone has discouraged us to the point that we are placed in the dungeon of despair that’s just as dangerous. Either way, we are constantly thinking about how others perceive us, that we are better or less than, the never ending thoughts that go on in our mind. When what we should be concentrating on is how great our GOD is, how awesome HE is, how lost we would be without HIM and how we dare not think of where we are without HIM in our life. We need to remind ourselves of the personal victories JESUS has done for us be it 1 or 101. We need to make ourselves glad day by day on our drive to work or while taking public transportation.

Over the years I’ve been asked why I think there are so many denominations. Remember, (why I think). As I’ve read the bible these nearly forty years I’ve come to see that the Pharisee’s did not agree with Sadducee’s. When the Apostles went to various regions to spread the Good News, Paul found Peter being a hypocrite and he chastised him. So what does all of this mean, though leaders will have the same agenda and that is to get souls to JESUS, they don’t all agree as to how, why and where? As I listen now among the denominations the prime objective is JESUS but all the other fluff is nonsense. And it’s the fluff that has caused such a great rift between us, we have lost our focus. I believe denominations have ruined us, I know religions have confused us because we are not of one mind and one heart regarding each other. We look at and look for all the wrong things in life and consider that to be good and never recall everything that glitters is not gold. It’s so often the people who are lost in the shuffle of the crowd that no one wants to consider, who believes they have nothing to offer, that nothing good can come from them, they have a quiet spirit, they are humble, they prefer to be in the background, in the shadows, the spotlight is not appealing to them. These more times than not are geniuses but they never consider that their opinions are better than another’s and may offer their answer to a problem anonymously or lastly in public. We need to learn how to fulfill each other’s joy and we do that by exhibiting the same love that our LORD and Savior did and does for us. This is how we and others will know that we are authentic CHRISTians and not just word of mouth Christians. Our mindset must be that of the LORD not that of the flesh. And this is why we are so in error because we believe that we are humble yet we think from our flesh.

Everything that we desire is not big enough, I’m here to let you know that our thoughts are tiny compared to what JESUS desire for us. For example, we may desire a job, JESUS desires that we have a position in employment. You may desire a particular position JESUS desires that we own our own business or be the CEO of that corporation. JESUS always want us to have exceedingly abundantly above whatever we can ask or think from HIM. This is why it’s better to humble ourselves under HIM because HIS hands are mightier than ours. What HE does is effortless and what we do is a struggle. We want to be seen, we want to be noticed and we want to be glorified that takes constant work to make that happen and to maintain it. But in CHRIST JESUS, HE will exalt us in HIS own timing and because we are humble will remain there.  

Numbers 12:3, Psalms 34:2, Romans 12:16, Phil. 2:2, 4:2, 1 Peter 5:6



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