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August 28, 2020

Sanctified in the Holy Spirit-Rom. 15:16

My beloved siblings in CHRIST JESUS, we should remind ourselves daily of how JESUS sacrificial death allows us to be truly sanctified and set apart for GOD’s purposes. JESUS obeyed the will of the FATHER so that we can be dedicated and made holy in HIS Truth.

We are placed in the care of our FATHER, GOD. HE is the ONE who provides us with the protection that we need and HE is the ONE who cares for us lovingly. Do you remind yourself about the message that has been given to us about our FATHER’s great kindness towards us? By not doing so, we miss out on what our FATHER through CHRIST JESUS desires that we have not once in a while but daily and that is HIS grace which is the counsel and promises that we so desperately need from HIS blessings. Do you not know that this belongs to you? Well, they do because we belong to the FATHER, we belong to CHRIST JESUS, and in the baptism of the Holy Spirit, we belong to Him as well. It is only by the grace of GOD that we are able to be built up and to obtain the rightful inheritance that we share among everyone who is sanctified, among everyone who has been set apart for the purpose of GOD. This is for every believer in CHRIST JESUS.

It is to you the sanctified, the set apart, the holy in CHRIST JESUS who was chosen by HIM, pre-ordained before HE created anyone and anything. We are GOD’s property, HIS chosen, and HIS very own people. Regardless of our language, our nation, our tribe, our culture, our being male or female, and skin color, we worship in HIS name and that name is the name which is above every other name known and unknown to us, JESUS. We have HIS grace and peace, we possess the inner calmness and spiritual well being from the FATHER and CHRIST JESUS.

We should ever be in the mode to praise GOD as we think about how we have been delivered from death, hell, and the lake of fire due to our disobedience and rebellion of sin against CHRIST JESUS. We should ever be thankful that we have been washed clean and made pure because JESUS became our sanctified sacrifice. And in HIM we are sanctified through HIM and HIS Holy Spirit. We have been set apart, set free, justified, declared free from guilt and shame. This is because JESUS and the Holy Spirit which is the Spirit of the Living GOD has created us anew to be acceptable, we have a brand new life and our behavior is that reflection in CHRIST JESUS. 

When we have made it up in our minds to change our minds [repent] regarding JESUS the CHRIST and take on the newness of mind and heart we will stop doing those things which are displeasing to GOD, which are evil, and wicked. In other words, stop living sinfully in disobedience and dishonorably against that which JESUS desires for you. You have become a vessel of honor prepared for good works in the MASTER who is your GOD through CHRIST JESUS.

We who have been set apart and sanctified are from the very same FATHER of JESUS the CHRIST. We are apart of the very same family. We are not tossed here and there. No, just as we were from the same seed of Adam who disobeyed and rebelled against JESUS the CHRIST. We are now from the same seed of Abraham, who obeyed by faith, who lived by faith, who relied on and trusted by faith in JESUS the CHRIST. We have been spiritually transformed this is why JESUS is not ashamed to call us HIS brothers and sisters. This is a quote from JESUS: “I will declare in the FATHER’s name to MY brothers and sisters, the believers in ME, and in the middle of the congregation I will sing YOUR praise. I place MY total hope, confidence, dependency, and trust in YOU. Here I AM with the children YOU have given to ME”.

So, just why are we made holy, why have we been set apart, why are we sanctified? Because JESUS the CHRIST obeyed the will of the FATHER. HE willingly offered HIMself for us and it was so radically perfect it only needed to be done once for all or more correctly for all who are willing to believe. We choose to believe in the message of salvation which is the virgin birth, the life, the death, the burial, the resurrection, and the ascension of JESUS the MESSIAH. HE is the Anointed One, HE is the CHRIST. And it is because we believe that we have been sanctified in CHRIST JESUS through the baptism of the Holy Spirit for GOD’s purpose.

Religious people do not believe or better yet, do not understand that all it took was a one-time offering, all it took was HIS perfection to forever/eternally cleanse us from all unrighteousness which is sin and sinful living. We are daily being sanctified in JESUS the CHRIST through the ministry of the Holy Spirit. This brings us to spiritual maturity because of our spiritual completeness in HIM. So, how are we made to know that we are complete in JESUS? Easy, if you have asked for and accepted the baptism of the Holy Spirit so that He will make His home within you, then you have allowed your body to become the temple of GOD. The home of HIS Holy Spirit then and only then will you hear the Holy Spirit speak this into your spirit. This is the testimony of the Holy Spirit:

When the time comes, I will make an agreement/covenant with them. I will write MY laws on their minds and their hearts. When this takes place this will cause/produce an inward change. I will no longer hold them guilty of their previous sin and sinful actions which were acts of lawlessness. I will forget about their sins and no longer remember their evil deeds. Signed: FATHER, JESUS the MESSIAH, Holy Spirit.

Get this through your understanding, when and where absolute forgiveness is, there is the complete cancellation from the penalty of death, hell, and the lake of fire and there is no longer a need for more sacrifices to be made to atone [compensate, amend] for sin.

To the people who believe and honor the SON of the Most-High GOD whose name is JESUS. To you are called, chosen, and elected to be dearly loved by the FATHER. We are kept secure and set apart for JESUS the CHRIST. We possess HIS Love, Mercy, and Peace which is being multiplied to us through the infilling within our hearts by spiritual well-being and tranquility which can only be experienced by those of us who walk closely with GOD through CHRIST JESUS. 

To the people who disbelieve and dishonor the SON of the Most-High GOD whose name is JESUS. And, alike to those who pretended by the fooling of yourself with others by proclaiming to belong to JESUS but in actuality, you did not possess the FATHER, JESUS, and HIS Holy Spirit because you disgraced the blood of the promise which makes us holy. To you, you will receive a greater punishment than you dare think to deserve because you walked and stomped on the SON of GOD claiming verbally or through your actions that HE is unclean and common. In doing this you have insulted the Spirit of Grace/the Holy Spirit because it is He who imparts the many blessings of GOD that we do not deserve. The vengeance of GOD will come to you, the retribution and deliverance of justice reside in GOD and HE will repay you for your wrongdoing. It is a fearful and terrible thing to be judged by the hands of GOD in HIS anger.


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