Children of the Living GOD: Remember

Inspired after reading the book of Jude

Unlike most blogs that I have written in times past; this blog is specifically for the children of The Most High GOD who have been saved through JESUS CHRIST. Know and remember that you have been called and sanctified by our FATHER GOD who resides in your heart and is known to also resign in heaven. Also remember that as children of The LORD our GOD we are being preserved in JESUS CHRIST. Put forth a great effort to the faith; in other words assert and maintain who you are in JESUS CHRIST. Assert and maintain who you know and believe JESUS to be according to the Word of GOD and your experience with HIM. It is impossible to speak on anything or to speak with anyone intelligently when we have not made ourselves acquainted with that thing or person. We have the Word of GOD in audio and in word form; we also should experience JESUS personally. Getting to know HIM; better and better with each passing day. Think about this; when we are interested in getting to know someone; we do whatever it takes to speak and spend time with that person. Why is that any different from how we get to know JESUS? Same thing applies to when something gains our attention; such as sports; entertainers; fashion and so forth. We get to know all we can about that thing but most of us never think that JESUS should be pursued in the same way. When we don’t know JESUS intimately or are at least familiar with HIS Word; until we become more knowledgeable by reading daily our Bible. It’s no wonder people can sway us from knowing what is true and what is not according to GOD’s Word. GOD’s Word warns us to know the spirit by the spirit and to know them by their fruit. So I ask you this question; if a person tells you that they are a Christian yet they live in a sinful life; what does that convey to you? If a person tells you that they are a Christian yet they defile their flesh; reject authority of all types and speak negatively of those that our Holy GOD has placed in authority such as Kings, Queens, Presidents, Supervisors, Managers, CEO, Police, Parents and such. What does that tell you? People are prone to speaking evil against anything or anyone they do not understand. And because of these outbursts they are showing that their fruit and spirit is not linked up with the Holy Spirit. These are called carnal Christians who are known to be corrupt and will corrupt you also if you don’t know who you are in JESUS CHRIST and don’t know who JESUS is. We cannot be servants of self; we should have given that all up once we came to JESUS and proclaimed that we are saved through HIM. Being self serving is also known as being self righteous and no one is righteous but JESUS CHRIST. We are made righteous because of HIM. Without HIM we are not righteous at all. Don’t allow yourselves to be dried up and carried away; unfruitful; dead; put to shame. After all; JESUS became all of that and more for humankind on the cross. JESUS is coming again; and when HE does; HE will not be alone. Ten thousand of HIS saints will accompany HIM and they will execute judgment on all who chose not to believe in HIM. JESUS will convict the ungodly not HIS brothers and sisters whom HE has redeemed. So, if you are a CHRISTian who has been washed in the precious blood of JESUS and you grumble; complain, walk according to your own lusts; speak flattering words having evil motives only to gain advantage for yourself; STOP. Get into the Word of GOD and read; study the Word of GOD; attend a Word teaching church; speak to your heavenly FATHER; speak to JESUS; rely on the Holy Spirit and the Spirit of Wisdom. Don’t be like the world that mock and walk according to their own self righteousness. These people are worldly and are eager to cause divisions fulfilling the biddings of their father, satan. Remember to build yourself up on the faith of JESUS CHRIST; pray in the Holy Spirit. You are in the Love of GOD; you are refreshed anew every morning with mercy from our LORD JESUS CHRIST. You have been given eternal life and snatched from an eternal death. Have compassion on those who are less knowledgeable than you are in spiritual maturity. Those who have not accepted JESUS as their Savior; hate the sin and not the person. Understanding that you too were where they are and someone prayed for you and someone witnessed to you. For the very clothes that are worn by anyone who does not believe in and on JESUS The CHRIST is defiled by their flesh.


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