The Spirit of giving

Luke 2:10-11

Most people when they think of giving it’s during the time of anniversaries; birthdays; CHRISTmas and so on. Though this is a nice thing to do; there is a great difference from giving gifts to someone you care about and having a Spirit of giving. A person who has a Spiritual gift to give will do so to the point that they often go without themselves. It’s a heartache to know that someone they’ve come in contact with is in need or when they are told about someone who needs help that they may not know is in great distress. A person who has a Spirit of giving is constantly looking for someone to bless.

GOD needed to provide the world with a gift that will never stop giving; in that gift is HIS SON JESUS. As a baby JESUS totally relied on HIS mother and dad. As HE grew at the normal pace and experienced all the happiness and disappointment of life; HE ate; grew; lived; played; and worked just as anyone else of that time without special treatment. HIS dad Joseph taught HIM the family business; imagine Joseph and SON carpentry. Once JESUS began to be about HIS FATHER’s business; HE gave LOVE to all, through HIS deliverance, feeding the hungry, healings, raising the dead; salvation; teachings and more.

Our attitude is to give to those who are weaker than we are; we are to give the gift of LOVE in all we say and do; we must give of ourselves. JESUS HIMSELF said that “it is more blessed to give than to receive”. Acts 20:35

Decide today that you will desire that Spirit of giving; even before the Spirit of giving reside in you become less selfish and extend yourself to others; give of yourself, you will not have to spend money doing this. Show someone that you love them in what you say and do; give your heart away to another today and say a little prayer when you begin to think of someone you know.

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