I Know


I know, you know, you think you know, so you know. But do you know? I don’t think you really believe you know. Ha, does this conversation sound familiar? To some, it may be the conversation that goes on in the homes of those who have children. For others, if you will admit it you can recall when you used to say this very same thing to your parents or guardians. And for most, we say this still in our conversation now. And the truth is, we don’t know anything. If we did, we would not follow and fall into all the laid traps or run into them as we have.

With all that is going on in this world and in this thing called life. The one thing that is most important for us all to know is that the Redeemer is alive. As for me, HE is my Redeemer and every day I am proclaiming that HE is alive to someone somewhere that HE is alive. Mostly through these blogs which are being read globally.

I know that my Redeemer is GOD, I know that my GOD is JESUS, I know that my JESUS is my Savior, I know that my Savior is my Healer, I know that my Healer is my Counselor, I know that my Counselor is my Deliverer, I know that my Deliverer is my Provider and Protector and Teacher. I know that my Teacher is my Wisdom and Understanding and Maker. I know that my Maker is my Strength in all these that I’ve named this is how I’ve met HIM personally one on One that I am aware of. I’m sure HE has been there for me in ways that I am not aware of because HE’s just that type of DADDY. And because HE is more than enough because HE is GOD I exalt HIM because HE is worthy.

When I speak of JESUS, I can only share with you, my life in HIM and what I know personally. I can’t share with you what HE has done through the eyes of others. I want my testimony of JESUS to have some credibility that HE is alive and real and that HE is the same yesterday, today and forever. It is my desire that through my testimony that you will be more apt to believe in JESUS with the heart so that you will confess with your mouth that HE is the SON of the Living GOD and that HE died for your sins personally and that on the third day JESUS did rise from the grave and because HE rose, you too will rise from the grave.

So many people worship idols, their employments, shopping, clothes/shoes, anything material, people, possessions, sporting events and such. Most things in the lives of people take precedence over the true worship of JESUS. And that’s because JESUS truly is not known by you and JESUS does not know you. Shocking to know that JESUS does not know you isn’t it, but it’s true. When JESUS does not reside in our heart and you in HIS, HE does not know you and you do not know HIM. Anyone can call HIM Lord, but not mean it and anyone can call on HIS name and not mean it or want anything. It’s done all day every day. Too many people have a form of godliness and GOD is nowhere within them. But when we submit ourselves to JESUS, then all things will be delivered to HIM by HIS FATHER because everything had already been delivered to JESUS anyway by HIS FATHER. Such as sickness, death, carnality, war, or anything else satan tries to deliver to the children of GOD. People want to recognize GOD the FATHER without recognizing JESUS the SON. Not going to happen, my friend, because no one knows the FATHER except through JESUS and to get to the FATHER we have to go through HIM. JESUS is by far the best alarm system money can’t buy, there just is no way to the FATHER GOD without JESUS. So my friend, now you know.

Job 19:25, Psalm 46:10, John 3:11, 4:22, Matthew 11:27


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