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September 8, 2020

Do Not Grieve The Holy Spirit-Ephesians 4:25-32

We read and we do not see. We read and we do not gain wisdom. We read and we do not comprehend. For the better part of my years during my CHRISTian walk, I have heard this question among the righteous, how do we know when we are grieving the Holy Spirit? For years, I too would ask that very same question and for years I heard answers that relieved me and got me off the hook from doing such a thing. And though the answers were good they were not the answers that would have kept that question from ever popping up again. Finally, the day came when I received the Biblical answer that was there all along. And just as I had missed it, I know that many of you are missing it as well. This is why we must ask for wisdom from the Holy Spirit to see what we need to see, to hear what He is speaking to us, and to reveal the Word of GOD through complete understanding. The Holy Spirit is a revealer of the WORD/JESUS and we can read the scriptures for years and not gain wisdom along with understanding without the Holy Spirit revealing/illuminating the Word/scriptures for us. What I am about to show you will knock your socks off because I know that you have been reading this and you just did not see it. You did not gain wisdom from this, and you did not understand that which you were reading as I did years ago.

This is how we keep from displeasing, offending, and provoking pain in the heart of the Holy Spirit.

  1. Stop telling lies. 

Tell one another the truth. JESUS spoke and HE speaks the truth in Love, this is HIS example that we are to follow.

  1. It is okay that we get angry, but it is not okay to allow anger to get the better of us

When our anger controls us rather than our controlling our anger we will sin. When angry do not react but rather go away and meditate on why you are angry and not the anger. Fierce anger/wrath is caused by lack of control and looking and thinking too long on the anger. Look to the  LORD for answers, ask HIM to calm you down from being so angry. Ask for the wisdom of the Holy Spirit and gain understanding through the provision of how to speak to yourself when angry with self, or with others when angry with them. We are to always be proactive and never reactive. Holding grudges due to our continuous anger leads to evil.

  1. Do not invite the devil to come in. 

How do the righteous invite the devil to come in? One way is through revenge. Our revenge is unrighteous and most often does not meet the offense that caused us to be angry or hurt through offenses. Never allow the devil to hold a conference in our heart/mind. Everything that does not line up in the Word of GOD through HIS grace is a lie and meant for our harm. Vengeance belongs to GOD and when HE deals with the unrighteous HE does it judicially correct because this is HIS responsibility, not ours. Submit self to the Most-High GOD. Stand firm in our opposition to the devil and watch him get enough of his trying to make us fall so that he can laugh at us, he will eventually give up and run away from us. Our proper stance to take when the enemy tries to come in like a flood is to stand against him firmly in our trust in JESUS the CHRIST. The enemy is going to attack us on every side but we are to remain established, rooted, and unmovable in JESUS the CHRIST.

  1. Stop stealing and get a job. 

We need to be gainfully employed. In America, we have no excuse for stealing, we have too many places where those who are hungry may get groceries or a meal for free. We have too many places where we can go and get clothes for free. We even have shelters where people may rest for free during the nights. Learn a trade from others or take advantage of obtaining a free education to  learn a trade so that you may work to help yourself and others. Become exhausted through employment, come home rest then do it again the following day. Once becoming financially secure to no longer depend on the charities of others, bring joy to those who are where you once were and help the unrighteous but especially the righteous as well. Share what you have, when we have more than one of anything share it with those that have none. Our daily life is to be respectful to those who are watching us, we must possess good character, personal integrity, and morality. Though everyone will always need the help of others, everyone should not depend on the help of others when we are capable to learn and work ourselves. 

  1. Do not speak harmful words. 

Evil/unrighteous people have evil treasures that are harmfully spoken from the heart. Speak words that will bring about edification. Good/righteous people have good treasures that are spoken from the heart. We all need to locate the scripture Ps. 141:3 that will help us to keep guard over our mouths. For me, profanity was apart of my daily language with those that I socialized with. Though I had then and do still have a good command of the verbal vocabulary, I still require help in my use of the vocabulary learned from the dictionary and proper education. I can recall back in elementary school before I began to use vulgar language, my teacher said that those who choose to use vulgar language to communicate do not have a large command of useful and edifying vocabulary and are at a loss for words to get their point across. I never forgot that. So though it is rare, I still do allow vulgarity to cross my lips this is why I continue to return to Ps. 141.3 until that day comes when vulgarity will be completely removed and forgotten in my reservoir of dead words to use. Trust in the Almighty GOD to completely remove from us all abusive, filthy, obscene, and vulgar language from our reservoir of dead words that we use. Eventually, these words will begin to hurt our ears when we hear others use them. Where dead words once reside allow the Holy Spirit to wash this room clean, open the windows, allow light and fresh air in as He disinfects that area of the heart. Then He will present the room to JESUS for HIM to have free will in it to do whatsoever HE desires to do for our good. The more wisdom we obtain from the Holy Spirit the more teaching we can share with one another with pure thanksgiving.

  1. Do not allow the Holy Spirit to become saddened.

By our thoughts, actions, and words. The Holy Spirit is GOD’s proof that we belong to HIM. GOD gave to us HIS Holy Spirit to make us free in HIM. This is HIS Seal on us.

  1. Stop being bitter. 

[afflicting distress, cold, complaining, cruel, evil sarcasm, hurtful, miserable, piercing, sinful] Keep words which curse/death/slander from your lips.

  1. Stop making unnecessary noise.

Trough complaining and vulgarity.

  1. Stop hating people.

Learn to hate the sinful actions. We must live in our deliverance from hating people to loving people. People forget from whence they came from, we like to think and speak to people as though we have never done anything foolish, disobedient, and rebellious in our past life of being sinful. We too were once deceived and enslaved by our self-righteous passions and pleasures. We once spent our lives in evil and hatred, being hated by people and hating people.

  1. Learn from the Holy Spirit to be kind and tenderhearted.

 To self and people. Be forgiving the FATHER and JESUS forgave and forgives you, so who are you not to forgive others of their ignorance, reckless and willful sins. Remember, as long as we remain here on earth there will be times when we will either sin mistakenly or willfully and yet, we remain forgiven. To those who have nothing, give from our abundance.

  1. Forgive.

 Whoever has offended you, let it go. Do not judge others through self-righteousness. Do not condemn others when you yourself are guilty of doing whatever you may be doing that is wrong in the eyes of GOD and the Holy Spirit. Do not become known as a hypocrite all because you refuse to forgive others.


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