In the study of what had been done by CHRIST JESUS when the scripture teaches us that our sins have been covered. I believe that in the translation the word cover is used in error when it comes to what CHRIST has done for the world. Many years ago I was set free in the knowledge of knowing that my sins were not merely covered but washed away. You see anything that has been covered can be uncovered. Just as anything that is washed can become dirty again. However, when our cleansing comes from the CHRIST we have no desire to wallow in the mud of sin as we once did because of ignorance. CHRIST JESUS is our soap and HE also burns away with the refiner’s fire. CHRIST JESUS is the only One who was able to wash away that which is offensive to the FATHER, we have been pardoned from that punishment that we as unbelievers deserve. CHRIST JESUS remitted the required payment and now HE shelters protect and defends us. That is the proper coverage that we all need. No, CHRIST JESUS did and does not cover our sin HE washed our sins away in HIS blood and water. We are the ones who disguise and conceal hypocritically the wrong that we do. We need to hand over ourselves and loved ones so that the CHRIST will purify us in HIS water, not ours.

Let’s read a few scriptures in a manner I believe will also set many of my CHRISTian siblings free if we read them in the translation in which they were meant.

Fortunate those whose crimes are carted off, taken away, whose sins are wiped clean from the slate, blotted/erased, washed away. Fortunate the person against whom the LORD does not keep score and continues to remind us of our wrongs.

When we bring our CHRISTian siblings back from doing wrong by wandering around in their familiarity of being active in sin we cause many sins to be forgiven by us and we through the outpouring of our love will cover them up in the hopes that we do not uncover them by reminding our beloved ones of what they once did. Understand that when JESUS CHRIST became sin for us HE saw us and we were not thought of by our parents nor were we in existence yet. Yet, HE saw each and every one of us individually and forgave our ancestors who actively participated in the persecution and desire to have JESUS CHRIST crucified all the way to us and our descendants.

Our love to our CHRISTian siblings will cover all the wrong that we will do. So don’t hold grudges, know that in ourselves we are not perfect yet, we strive for the perfection that is desired from the FATHER. Also, we are only perfect in CHRIST JESUS not out of HIM.

We are made holy by the cleansing of water which is the Word. We become spiritually clean through the Good News. CHRIST JESUS fulfills the law in us through the sprinkling of HIS blood and water to purify our hearts. Without the awakening of our spirit man within us and a heart transformation, we remain spiritually dead twice in our being barren and uprooted from the FATHER, CHRIST JESUS, and the Holy Spirit.


Rom. 4:7; James 5:20; 1 Ptr. 4:8, Prov. 10:12


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