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We all have mountains in our lives. What challenges are we facing from time to time? Are they difficult or less challenging? For some, the challenges we face might as well be Mount Everest for its elevation and width. We don’t see the possibility of our making it to the top or getting around the mountain. Yet, we’ve read or heard that there have been individuals who have climbed to the top of the mountain. And by doing so have planted their national flag there. So it goes to show us that nothing is impossible if we only believe.

When JESUS spoke of the mustard seed which is the tiniest plant seed yet yields trees which are grown about 25 feet tall with leaves up to 3 inches. These trees take advantage of damp conditions and are survivors of less than 8 inches of water per year. Okay, so you may be thinking how does this relate to you? See yourself as small, maybe insignificant but not in the eyes of JESUS. You are planted in HIM and in HIM you flourish green and lush. Though you are in a dry and desert land, you take advantage of the moisture which is grace and mercy. You understand that you have the favor of GOD in your life. You believe and you trust JESUS implicitly with your life and the decisions you need to come up with. You have a mountain, it looks impossible to you, it seems too big, it’s much too heavy a load for you to bear and you just can’t seem to move it on your own. And you are right, you cannot but with JESUS, nothing is impossible if you put your cares and or problems into HIS hands and watch that mountain move. For those of us who may have situations that are just irritants maybe this is why the mulberry tree is used. Most of us are familiar with these annoyances because the fruits splash on our vehicles and make a mess or we step on them in our travels. If we could we would probably pull those trees up by their roots and get rid of them not knowing that they really have a great purpose. It’s the same for the irritants in our lives, we want to get rid of them, not knowing that the annoyance may be for our good but if we know for sure that they are not we must speak to it and send it to the sea by its root so that it will obey.

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Most of us forget to turn to GOD or we give things to GOD and because things are not worked out on our time schedule we believe that GOD has forgotten us. Then we listen to or begin to say the dumbest things that go against scripture for the New Testament post- crucifixion believer in CHRIST JESUS. GOD does not operate in time, HE is the maker of the time. The enemy wants us to believe that everything must be done now or yesterday, chill out. When it appears late to us it’s on time in CHRIST JESUS because nothing is impossible for HIM. We have to believe this. What was more difficult to accomplish, creating the heavens and earth or helping out with our difficulties? Reminder alert: There is nothing impossible for CHRIST JESUS.

So in order to please the FATHER, we must remain in faith with HIM of HIS SON CHRIST JESUS. Remember these 4 things and you won’t go wrong.

  • GOD IS / I AM [Heb. 11:6 / Ex. 3:14]
  • GOD IS a Rewarder
  • Diligently seek GOD
  • Nothing is impossible

Matthew 17:20, Lk. 17:6, Luke 1:37, Jer. 32:17, Hebrews 11:6


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