Why are we sent to each other

1 Thessalonians 3


Brothers and sisters in CHRIST JESUS are sent to establish and encourage each other concerning our faith. None of us are to be disturbed by the afflictions that we endure for the sake of the gospel. We all suffer tribulation and if we don’t; maybe we want to evaluate what is it that we are doing to please people versus pleasing the LORD GOD. We should encourage each other with good news about those we know in the faith of JESUS and how they love and pray for others in the faith of JESUS. We should always desire to see one another just as much as we desire to see our siblings who are born of our natural parents. We are to comfort each other concerning our faith. We are to give thank to our DADDY, the LORD our GOD for the joy that we rejoice in concerning our LORD GOD, CHRIST JESUS. We are to pray exceedingly and help each other out in the area where our faith is weakest because this is the area that we lack. So now we know as to why we are sent to each other. So begin or continue to encourage each other; call, write or visit each other. http://amfbministry@about.me


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