Grace provides Power and Strength


Acts 14:3, 26; 15:11, 40; 18:27, 20:32

Part 2


I will be honest with you as I have been always. The world does not like the Light that comes from within the Believers and they do not want to hear what we have to say. But I encourage you to be strategic in your witnessing. Sometimes GOD will keep us in a certain location for a long while and sometimes GOD will keep us in a certain location for just a short moment. Regardless of the time frame, we must speak confidently, freely, and openly about CHRIST JESUS. After all, does not the world speak in this manner regarding foolishness? Repeating gossip and lies about one another especially those in the body of CHRIST as well as spreading lies about CHRIST. Posting and sharing things on social media magnifying the shortcomings of CHRISTians as if we are JESUS HIMself. JESUS lives within us and HE sees us as perfect because we are the righteousness of GOD through CHRIST JESUS, but that does not mean that our flesh, our humanity does not get the better of us all. So, you present and continue to present the evidence of GOD’s gifts. GOD will not leave us looking stupid HE will be right there with us corroborating what we are doing through HIS help with miracles/wonders and signs/wonders. I encourage every reader to be brave in the LORD. Keep telling people about the grace of GOD, I promise you with all the promises in the Bible that The LORD GOD will prove that what we are sharing is true. We are in GOD’s care of grace and we can and we will complete our work in CHRIST JESUS.

What are the beliefs of the Believer, the Born-Again CHRISTian that makes us different from worldly christians, and non-believers? Simple, we believe that we are saved by the grace of GOD through our LORD JESUS The CHRIST. We denounced and defected from being under the mastership of satan and his cohorts. We turned our backs on sin and we are facing the Cross of JESUS. We are growing deeper into the knowledge of CHRIST JESUS and we are growing upward, our faith is being stretched daily. And, just as HE saved those that believed in HIM before HE descended out of heaven into this world by releasing them from the gulf called Abraham’s bosom so that they may experience what true freedom in HIS Salvation is so do we. We do not have to die and be placed into a separate gulf to wait for the MESSIAH to make HIS entrance, to wait for HIM to accomplish all that the Prophets of old informed us about. HE has already accomplished everything that HE was supposed to accomplish and HIS accomplishments were done to perfection. Nothing has changed and nothing will change the only possible way for everyone to become saved is to believe in the grace of our LORD CHRIST JESUS so that we can have companionship with the FATHER. Team up with a buddy of yours in CHRIST JESUS because you all are in HIS care and go about doing just what the FATHER desires for you to accomplish through HIS SON.

There are times when before we go to certain areas, we and all who are with us must pray first making sure that we are doing just what HE wants us to do (GOD idea) or are we doing what we want to do for GOD (Good idea). Do not be insulted should we need to have letters of recommendations upon our arrival or before. Recommendations are greatly beneficial for us because they provide those who are not familiar with us about our coming to visit a location and people. Recommendations provide to others that we have the blessing from those that are sending us such as our Pastor or anyone in leadership roles as well as our friends and siblings in the faith of JESUS.

So, now my dear readers and to my siblings in CHRIST JESUS, I close with this prayer for you. “I am placing you in the care of our Most-High GOD and depending, relying upon, trusting in HIS grace to make us all strong because it is only HIS message that will provide us with HIS abundant blessings that are given to all HIS holy people”. In the name of JESUS, Amen.



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