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To be incorrupt is the opposite of being corrupt, the opposite of decay, rot, and bad, separated, broken, dissolved and evil. So many of us are actually walking around corruptible while breathing and have no idea about this. However, while lying in the grave this is the natural process of what takes place with the flesh. It decays and rots, it smells bad and falls away from its bones, it begins to dissolve. And yet in our grief, those who are trained to rape the desperate mourners rape the customer out of their finances to spend thousands of unnecessary income to protect a corps that will do what it will do no matter what they tell you the protection you provide for them in the ground. To become incorruptible is to receive JESUS as our Savior and though some of us will show signs in our flesh that corruption is still there, for example, I myself have been diagnosed with arthritis. I know and confess daily that I am healed and made completely whole and that I am incorruptible, however, there is this truth that when I am raised from the dead if I die an earthly death that is. I will be raised incorruptible.

Many of us have captured a sparkle of a gem like a diamond, or the sun or the brightness of light. It’s for a quick moment, so quick that you can’t capture it again and you almost wonder did you see what you saw. That just how fast if not faster when that trumpet sounds its last blast, that those of us who received and believed in CHRIST JESUS who went to sleep or as we call it died and was buried or cremated. Will be raised up imperishable, incorruptible and we will be completely changed, wondrously transformed.

We were the ones who believed and were born again in CHRIST JESUS. You see it’s called being born again because there is the born once process when we all are born in the natural through efforts of mankind. But this birthing process is spectacular and far exceeds what man does because it does not involve the flesh nor blood. This birthing process involves the spirit only which is transformed and renewed and then we are set apart for HIM alone to grow us up for HIS purpose. The seed of man is corruptible and mortal it dies but the seed of CHRIST JESUS is incorruptible and causes us to become immortal through GOD’s living Word. Though we are born of natural conception in the flesh that outer self of us. The true self which is our spirit man is not born of blood, the flesh has no rule of the spirit but the spirit rules the flesh. The washing of the living Word of GOD as we mature we are to allow the true us our spirit to control our flesh not have our flesh to control our spirit as before. We are to no longer adhere to the voice of our former father the enemy satan though many never knew that they were in obedience to his voice. Every single negative thought, idea, and action came from him. We are to now listen to the voice of our FATHER GOD who spiritually transformed, renewed and sanctified us to be incorruptible.

1 Corinthians 15:52, 1 Peter 1:23, Jhn. 1:13


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