What I find so amazing with JESUS is that when our spirit man hears HIS truth and not just our ears and mind; HIS truth will set the captives free because HIS truth is truth. The spirit man is resurrected and our heart begins to pump fresh cleansing blood as never before. But HIS truth does not end there because as we continue to take in the truth of CHRIST JESUS our inward parts will begin to take on HIS character as our heart is changed due to HIS Word that we feed on daily. Our integrity will increase to become more and more as the will of our heavenly FATHER rather than our own will. 

When we intake the truth which is JESUS daily we begin to live transformed lives. Our thought patterns begin to change and we find ourselves thinking more along the line of kingdom thoughts rather than the thoughts of this world. Our speech is transformed and we will begin to speak more life to ourselves and towards others rather than death. We will begin to be givers rather than takers and lovingly towards those who are not so lovely.  

Truth desires that we be completely truthful; yet, be loving as we do so because sometimes when we are completely truthful it can be a wee bit difficult to the one who must hear or see what must be shown them. Also being truthful does not mean that we are to be the fault finding police. We must ask the FATHER daily in JESUS name to provide us with HIS wisdom and to help us understand what HE is giving us in wisdom. Follow the Spirit of GOD and not self because we have all seen what following self has gotten us.  

Always keep in the forefront of all decision making that JESUS is the way we are to start our day each and every day. JESUS is the truth we are to seek for every answer for everything in life. And JESUS is the very life we need to keep it moving today.

Ps. 51:6 & Jn. 14:6

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