Inspired by the reading of 1st John 1

The Word is the LORD JESUS CHRIST; HE is and was the beginning. Never, ever has JESUS been created like man was; the LORD JESUS is the Creator. Newness and renew comes from HIS mouth. Anything which never was came into existence because HE spoke it. Anyone that was spiritually considered dead; is renewed because HE speaks it. Everything and everyone hears the LORD JESUS CHRIST speak. We see with our eyes HIS handy work in the lives of others as well as ourselves. We see HIS mark on creation daily. The LORD JESUS is life; HE is the Word and the Word is life. Our lives are living testimonies to every promise and commandment written in the Bible. Mankind is sinners because Adam sinned. Every human born on the planet is a sinner. Mankind can receive the gift of Salvation if only taken. Eternal life with the FATHER is promised; so is eternal death with the father (devil). We can and do have fellowship with the FATHER now when we have received HIS only begotten SON; JESUS. Maybe one of the hang ups is that you don’t know what fellowship is. Let me clear that up for you now; friendly relationship with one another; true companions. JESUS desires to be our friend and when we receive HIM as our friend; HE is a true and loving friend who will never turn HIS back away from us. HE will speak with us; HE will encourage us; HE will listen to us; HE will understand us and so much the more. Many people say that they believe in God; big deal so does the devil and his co-horts. My question to you is who is or what is your god? My GOD is huge and HE is a loving FATHER and Provider. One of the things I used to love doing to my natural father was to swing from his muscle and run and jump into his arms. When I needed to speak with my daddy; he was available. When I needed my daddy because I was hurting; he was available. When I asked my daddy for something or he asked me what I wanted; he provided without fail. My heavenly FATHER does the same and more. I don’t like to just throw the title god around unless I write GOD or say the Most High GOD because I don’t want there to be any mistakes as to whom I am referring to. Too many people serve themselves; things and others and because they worship this way their god is small; insignificant; powerless and dead.  I know who my GOD is and I know who I am to my FATHER and JESUS CHRIST. Knowing this gives me a fullness of joy that the world cannot experience. My joy is complete and is never diminished; even when times get a wee bit tough; I still have joy. My GOD is light which is to say JESUS is the light of the world and in HIM is no darkness. I no longer stumble around not knowing where I am going or where I have been. I am no longer confused by life. I can see clearly now because the blinders were removed from my eyes. I can hear clearly now because my ears have been opened to hear from my DADDY and the Holy Spirit. My DADDY, JESUS CHRIST and I are friends; we are bosom buddies. I don’t habitually sin because it’s impossible for me to live in a life of sin. I no longer belong to the father of corruptible seed the devil. I am no longer his slave and prisoner. When I fall; I get up quickly like a spry young person. I don’t lie in that sin or like a pig in the mud; saying “help, I’ve fallen and I can’t get up”! The reason that I get up quickly is because the angels of the LORD help me up and dust me off and send me on my way. Reminding me to go and sin no more. The performance of sin that I do is more than likely caused by a quick, rash decision; such as walking in my flesh and someone may say the wrong thing to me and cause me to row with them. Or having a negative thought about another person. Arguments are not justified between persons neither is evil thoughts. Sure, we will be pushed to the brink and loose it sometimes but we don’t lose our salvation because of that. Often we have evil thoughts this is why we are told to renew our minds in the Word. We must walk in the light of our LORD and fellowship. Not when we want something or things go awry. We don’t treat our friends this way; we call them up; we chat; we hang out. JESUS CHRIST desires to do that with us also. Look, there is nothing hidden from HIM; HE already knows our good, bad and ugly. HE hears and sees everything. Nothing catches HIM by surprise; who we surprise is ourselves. JESUS CHRIST washes us from sin not once but often with HIS Word. Don’t be deceived; be truthful about who you are in the natural yet stand on and in who you are in the supernatural. It’s the Most High GOD that places HIS Super on our natural that causes us to be the most that we can be in HIM. We are forgiven of sins yesterday, today and in the future. Don’t believe me? Here is a question; when JESUS died on the cross; were you born? Yet, JESUS CHRIST died for your sins. If you were not born; how could HE have died for your sins? JESUS will and has cleaned us from all unrighteousness so don’t make HIM a liar believe in HIS Word and live your life in HIS Word.


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