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October 9, 2020

Anger has it’s place-Romans 12:19

How many of us have done the opposite of what this text instructs us not to do? Even the non-believers are familiar with this text but they have an excuse as to why they do not adhere to this instruction, we do not.

When we truly rely on and trust in the fact that we are the Beloved of the FATHER, JESUS, and the Holy Spirit then there simply is no reason for us to try and punish those who have wronged us. Now, should we try to punish others because they have wronged us it is because we do not operate in the faith that GOD will fight our battles for us. It is a clear fact that we do not believe that HE will punish those who wronged us and we do not believe that HE cares for us. It is not for a Believer in CHRIST JESUS to revenge themselves or to hold grudges against anyone. Anyone includes natural and spiritual siblings, acquaintances, associates, aunts, children, companions, community, cousins, friends, neighbors, parents [yours, grands], spouses, uncles, and if I left anyone out of the list them too. We are to love people as we do ourselves, this is a commandment from the LORD Almighty.

Anger and wrath have a place and we must see to it that we keep them there. Do not allow your emotions to overtake you, instead you command your emotions because it is possible for you to operate in self-control.

When we take it upon ourselves to enact with vengeance we take vengeance away from GOD and vengeance does not belong to us but to HIM. So, if we are going to say that “Vengeance is MINE, say the LORD” then believe that Vengeance is HIS.

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