2Samuel 22:20-32

           Child of GOD, know that you are a delight to HIM. HE is not sitting up in heaven counting the many mistakes that you make. You get yourself into tight situations and it is HE that brings you out.

          None of us hit the bull’s eye each and every moment. However, GOD is a rewarder according to your integrity within HIM. When your hands are clean from wrongdoing, it is you who get the benefits of GOD.

          With the Word of GOD that you know, it is that, that you keep, live, walk and breathe. You do not turn back because GOD’s Word is no longer in your head. GOD’s Word is now in your heart.

          Its GOD’s Word that keep you from sinning, its GOD’s Word that keeps your motives pure and away from doing anything that will cause you to have a guilty conscience. No longer do you have to look over your shoulder for someone to call you out for the wrongdoing that you did or said.

          Did you know that GOD pays you for walking according to HIS will? Surprise! I was too. In HIS Holy sight when we do what we are commanded to do; when we lay down that part of our life that does not give GOD glory; when we become resurrected in GOD. We are blessed beyond measure; we come to realize that GOD has our back and that everything is well. When we fall short financially GOD will see to it that you will get what you need when you need it. I live on a very strict budget. I am a faithful tither and have been for 16 years. I have fallen short many times on my debts and food. When I have gone to GOD and informed HIM that I don’t have the money to pay for something or to get something that I really need. GOD has provided. When I began to take notice of this I vowed within myself never to stop tithing because in many cases people had no idea that I was low on funds. In times when I informed family members that I needed help and did not get the help, many saw the works of GOD in my life and how HE provided the help that I need. Some may not want to admit that the help came from GOD, yet it can’t be denied.

          Your deeds are always before people. Many will not compliment you on your uprightness. Believe me; walking upright is not a walk that will bring you popularity. What it will do is cause a people to come to you because of your uprightness when there back is up against a wall. When they need someone who is honest, a person who is not about foolishness, a person of integrity. When I used to work, I was known for not appearing as a person who took anything seriously or I was viewed as too serious. I am not an easy read if you want to judge me from your perception because you want to view me from the outside of the window looking in instead of coming in and spend a wee bit of time with me.

Many times when my co-workers were at a cross roads that they saw no way out, harming themselves was an alternative in some cases. There would be someone that they may confide in and often I would get a phone call in my office or when I’m seen passing by I would be stopped and asked to meet with someone in private. When we got together, the first thing that would come out of their mouth would be. “I was told that you are a Minister, I did not know that. I should speak with you”. After hearing this, I would immediately begin to shift gears and as they are speaking about their misunderstanding of me, I’m praying to GOD for help. I begin always to inform them that what is spoken between you and I is kept between you, GOD and myself alone. If anyone else becomes aware it has nothing to do with me. Take your time and speak to me, we are not on a clock in here. After they told me all that they wanted me to know, I would first encourage them and begin to tell them what GOD wanted me to say to them. GOD has never failed me and the people who came to me for counseling had life changing experiences. Of course I would always tell those people I spoke with to not tell anyone that I am a Minister and whatever thoughts they had about me let them keep them. It never worked. My co-workers would tell other co-workers that they were wrong about me and that they should give me a chance.      

          Remember how JESUS would heal the sick and tell them not to tell anyone. Now I get it. They ran their mouths about their healing and my co-workers told others how I helped them. When you are walking with GOD, it comes out.

          It’s in GOD that we are able to face each day. It’s in GOD that our integrity is built.

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