Genesis 6:9 & 20:1-6

Integrity: honesty; sincerity; upright & wholesome. Strive for perfection.

          Okay, if you’ve read the Integrity series which featured Character. We have seen the good; the bad and the ugly of our character.


          GOD knows just how wicked people are so much so that HE decided to destroy the world and all that was in it. With the exception of 8 humans and 2 of every animal and insect.

          Please don’t think that in the ancient world that people were far worse than we are today. Actually, we are either the same or worst. Yet, GOD has remained faithful and has not destroyed this world due to the sin of man.

          Why do you think that is? Well, I think it’s solely because GOD had sent HIS Only Begotten SON, JESUS to this world. This very world where we dwell now. JESUS took away the sins of the world. It’s up to you to accept that and live in that knowledge, then grow continually in the mercy, grace and knowledge of GOD’s Word.

          King Abimelech showed his integrity towards Abraham’s wife Sarah. He could have by right as King, taken Sarah and made her his wife or concubine without any reservations. However, in his innocence he found out that Abraham and Sarah lied to him about who Sarah actually is to Abraham. Out of fear Abraham pawned off his wife as his sister once again influenced by fear to lie, just to save his neck.

          What happened with King Abimelech is that he had a dream; GOD began to speak with him in this dream and gave him a warning. King Abimelech confessed his innocence and GOD agreed, yet the facts are touch her and die.

          There will be times that we are correct in what we have a right to do. Yet incorrect in what we want to do. There will be times when others will be the influence as to why you will decide to do something.

          It is up to you to view the entire scenario; to listen completely to get and remain focus. That being said, complete success that remains is when you humble yourself and go to GOD, talk about what it is you want to accomplish. Let HIM know the direction you want to take and find out what it is HE wants you to do and say, then follow HIS direction. Believe me, when you follow HIS direction and not lean completely on your understanding is your success will remain everlasting.

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