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October 6, 2020

Anger-Matthew 5:22

I have discovered throughout my years of study that this scripture of the gospel is misunderstood for a few reasons. 

  • The first is that when readers read about JESUS, they either miss what they have read about HIS being born under the law or they misunderstand what is meant by this. Gal. 4:4-5
  • The second is that ninety-nine point nine percent of the family of CHRIST do not realize that the New Testament does not begin within these four gospels until the crucifixion of JESUS. 
  • And the third is that you cannot have a New Will and Testament without the Old Will and Testament being superseded and the Will and Testament cannot be activated until a death.

  When JESUS spoke these words, HE spoke them under that law which was current but the grace and mercy which came after can be found within the scriptures. Although JESUS lived under the law HE gave everyone examples of HIS grace and HIS mercy which have been demonstrated throughout HIS life and ministry.

No person who professes to be a child of GOD by truly being cleansed in the blood of JESUS should crucify JESUS again through their actions of anger. We do have a right to be angry it is an emotion that is given to every human and JESUS HIMself became angry as well. However, unlike JESUS when we are angry our actions and our words are not justifiable nor are they righteous. In these next few days, I hope that what is written will help all of us to better understand, anger, and how to overcome it. 

First, let us take a look at our emotions of being angry and disappointed because I believe that these two are misconstrued/error of interpretation. To be angry/enraged with another including ourselves is to feel resentment which means that we take offense towards another and with ourselves. To be angry also includes that we can be provoked by our being aroused/excited to take action regarding the actions or words spoken by another or the actions taken by ourselves. To be disappointed with another including ourselves is the defeat of our expectations of others as well as ourselves. We become frustrated at dashed desires, hopes, or intentions.

JESUS makes HIS statement very clear, our siblings in CHRIST JESUS are people just as we are. All people make mistakes but not all people do and say things purposefully to incite others to anger. We who are in the body of CHRIST must learn to be led by the Holy Spirit through His wisdom to not only think but to listen/not just hear, and to see. I write this because Peter rebuked JESUS when JESUS was preparing the disciples for HIS death and Peter denied that this would be. JESUS did not turn in anger at Peter but rather recognized that Peter was being used by the spirit of satan who spoke through him. When we understand why people do what they do and say what they say we will find ourselves less likely to become angry. However, should our CHRISTian siblings have a justifiable reason that has caused us to become angry take the time first of all to calm down. This is done by getting by ourselves, maybe speaking with another sibling about our emotions that we know will not judge us but hold us accountable regarding whether or not our emotion is truly justifiable. But most of all speak with the FATHER about this emotion, do we truly have a cause to be angry? Then quickly, go to the person and speak with them without being angry but calm. First, let them know that this came to your attention by way of another or how you felt when he/she did or said something directly to you. Next, listen to their apology, and ask why would this have been said or done. We all need to get understandings of offenses directly or indirectly done. Most often offenses are misunderstandings be it on their part or ours and sometimes both.

We must never intentionally work against our siblings in CHRIST JESUS because this is a reflection of hate. And hate in our heart is murder in the eyes of GOD. And the Word of GOD informs us that no murderer can live eternally with the FATHER through CHRIST JESUS.

In this scripture the word raca which most readers who do not or do not know how to study their Bibles will come to overlook all because they do not know the definition of this word. The definition of the word raca is empty, empty-headed, stupid, numbskull/presumptuous, thoughtless, worthless, and good for nothing. We all are guilty of thinking and using these definitions towards others and towards ourselves. Although if, we speak American English or another type of language it may be likely that the actual word raca is no longer used. [To increase my wealth of knowledge, feel free to let me know which language continues to use this contemptuous word].

There are two words written in two translations of the Bible that must be addressed. In the KJV of the book of James, the word is vain, and in the NKJV the world is foolish.

Vain in this verse of text is described as follows: deceitful, fruitless, ineffectual, prideful, unsatisfiable, and worthless. All descriptions regarding the in-generate [produced from within; born] spiritually shallow.

The other, foolish is described as follows: deprave, despicable, ridiculous, silly, sinful, unwise, void of sound judgment and understanding, and wicked. Again, all descriptions of the in-generate [produced from within; born] spiritually shallow.

So, in the book of Jms. 2:2o and 3:6 take notice of why he spoke to the spiritually dead in the manner in which he did. Also, take notice that regardless of our being believers in CHRIST JESUS or not we all suffer from the same terrible instrument which is our tongue. For without the tongue we are not able to speak. Notice what the tongue is.

  • A fire
  • Injustice
  • Unrighteousness
  • Contaminate
  • The course of life/the direction we take
  • Set on fire by hell

We all can take this fire and set ablaze living words of life or death because words have power. And once they are released there is no getting them back. We must not allow our tongue to be ignited by hell but rather the burning coals of heaven. It is better to speak words that are justifiable and righteous. 

Contaminate everyone that we speak to and with, with words that will provide life rather than death. And let us all renew our mindset so that we can speak the words that are found in our hearts because out of the heart does our mouth speaks and this takes us right back to anger. Do not speak in or out of anger.

AMFBeM (™)

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