Ephesians 6:10-18

          Have great moral power; be firm and courageous in The LORD. Understand that you have a powerful influence in GOD; you can walk and live in the confidence that comes from HIM. You know where your resources are, be aggressive and willful against sin. You have a great force within you which is the Holy Spirit, HE is very effective.

          I’m not very good at this practice so I hope that through this writing you become better than I am at this. As you dress in the natural also dress in the supernatural. Put on GOD’s total armor so that you may stand against the tricks of the enemy. I can stand against the tricks of the enemy maybe because the last time I put the armor on, I did not take it off. Anyway, the enemy and his army of demons are very strategic and deceitful this is why you cannot allow letting your guard down. They know you better than you know yourself. They know what combination to use; what button to push to get you to return. What you have to do is change the combination and get rid of the button, place an out of order sign on it.

          Understand that when people come against you, it really is not them. They are being used by the enemy. When places and things don’t work out as you expected, everything seems to be going wrong, you feel frustration rising up within you. That’s not the circumstances, how can an inanimate object will frustration on you? The enemy is controlling the places you need to get to or where you are, things are breaking down or missing or destroyed due to errors or mishaps because the enemy has done these things. We are aliens to this world and the ruler of this kingdom is rightfully in the hands of the enemy. So when you hear someone say “What is the world coming to”? Reply…an end.

This world is filled with darkness and we are the light in this world. When we accept JESUS as our SAVIOR we get a bulls eye taped on our back, like a kick me sign and the enemy tells his army to get you back at every cost. This world is filled with wickedness.

          So remember to put on your armor when you begin to dress.

  • Stand
  • Undershirt/brassiere/Breastplate of integrity
  • Belt/Belt of truth
  • Boots/shoes/sandals/Shoes of readiness
  • Briefcase/purse/Shield of faith
  • Cap/hat/scarf/Helmet of Salvation
  • Book/iPod/magazine/mp3/Sword of the Spirit (Bible)
  • Talk/Pray to GOD

See I have shown you as you dress in the natural you also dress in the supernatural, makes sense huh?

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