In the beginning when GOD created HE created with all the intents for mankind to live in splendor, not a hardship. But the fall of mankind happened because of his disobedience to the Heavenly FATHER. His listening to the wrong information that was being provided which caused him to go against what he was instructed to do. The Heavenly FATHER named it sin and we have been in sin from birth ever since because of our ancestor father Adam and the father of sin satan. Because of sin mankind was evicted out of paradise and into a life of hardship. Most people believe that part of the curse was that the Heavenly FATHER put Adam to work but this is incorrect. Adam was working from the day he was created long before Eve was formed from the bone of his rib. Work at that time was effortless it was more like taking a stroll through the beach or park. The curse of work was that it became hard, we would feel tired, we would sweat and depending on the type of work we perform our bodies would ache.

Now it’s not recorded in the Bible that Adam and Eve ever sinned again though sin was now within them what is recorded in the Bible is that their son sinned. His exhibition of sin was anger, jealousy, and murder. His outward action was a direct disobedience towards the instructions from the Heavenly FATHER. Not only was his parents teaching him how to obey the Heavenly FATHER but he had his own communication with the Heavenly FATHER and he still chose to disobey.

Throughout all the generations and centuries life has only gotten harder for people due to sin and its curse. The world, which cannot endure this much sin is groaning because the world finds it hard to be engulfed in this much wickedness. This is why the world suffers from so many weather disasters, it’s like a kettle spout being released of its pressure when hot.

I enjoy television a great deal, however, I believe one of the greatest tragedies on television that are available for viewing is porn, infomercials about being sick and twenty-four-hour news channels. It reminds us how hard things are. Porn inflames the passion of lust, being shown and told of all the various sickness and disease we take hold unaware and begin to have those symptoms and we are bombarded with bad news versus the Good News of GOD.

We are continually surrounded by darkness and life is hard at times. But how we deal with hard times is a true test of our character and integrity of our spiritual maturity in CHRIST JESUS. When we stay in the Word of GOD and apply HIS Word in and to our life those hard times that come our way will not phase us at all. Our emotions will not be shaken or stirred. If we are given a negative medical report it’s a hard time. When things do not or are not as we desire them to be in our home, these are hard times. We experience automobile trouble, carpool or public transportation hard times. Things at work, the boss, our co-workers, the clients/customers, the assignments can be a hard time for us.

So what are we going to do about it? Are we going to nurse it, curse it and rehearse it over and over again? That’s insanity, this has proven to not relieve us of our hardship. But what is a proven fact the track record is impeccable over and over again the outcome has been for the people who place their full trust and reliance on the heavenly FATHER that through CHRIST JESUS nothing is too hard for GOD. No-Thing is too hard for GOD. So if our bodies have symptoms of pain and our flesh is being attacked and we have been given a negative medical diagnosis. No-thing is too hard for GOD. If our home and family are not what we desire and we give our home and family over to the heavenly FATHER know that no-thing is too hard for GOD. Stop grumbling and complaining about going to work and thank GOD that you are employed give the negative situations that you have been enduring over to the Heavenly FATHER and trust because no-thing is too hard for GOD.

Whatever is in our life that is hard for us when we remember that when he resurrected the womb of a ninety-year-old woman to give birth to a son for a one hundred-year-old man she got to see him grow up. And what can be more difficult than to resurrect dead people, did not GOD do that a few times pre-crucifixion and post-crucifixion? Ah-yes HE did and the most amazing one of all is that HE got up from the grave HIMself. If we remember that HE did all those things that are impossible for mere mankind to do without GOD then we should know that nothing is too hard for GOD.   

Genesis 18:14


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