2 Corinthians 2:10-11 & 15-16

          It’s human nature to hold on to bad feelings. We hold on to them so that we can have ammunition when that person comes at us again. We want to take all those hurt feelings and just give it to that person who caused us to be out of control with anger, hurt and filled with regret for allowing that person into our lives.

          Unfortunately, more often than not that person that you are holding all those bound up feelings for does not give it another thought and goes on about his/her merry way. Leaving you to stew in all that frustration. You say that it does not bother you, yet if you can find anyone willing to listen to you speak about it you go on and on. You see them and on the inside you cringe. Worse yet, you roll your eyes or ignore the person. This is wrong. Sure you have a valid reason for feeling the way that you do, what you don’t have is a valid reason to hold on to it.

          You must be the bigger person and ask a person to forgive you. Be sincere about that. This is what will happen to you when you obey GOD in the forgiving department.

  • If forgiveness is not accepted-not your problem you laid it out there and it’s over.
  • Stress has not found a place to live within your being.
  • You can pray for anything that is in GOD’s will and receive it.
  • You stand in the clear of any wrong doing, whether you were in fault or not.
  • When you ask GOD to forgive you of anything that you have done that is displeasing to HIM, you will be sure that HE has forgiven you because you forgave.

We can’t afford to allow the enemy to have anything on us that he can use in his arsenal. We must at all times be aware of all his devices and trickery.

     You may not understand this; however there are some people so lost in sin that they actually smell like soot. I don’t care how well groomed they appear on the outside from their pores the aroma of soot is oozing from them. CHRISTians on the other hand must reach a level in JESUS that we begin to have a sweet aroma about us. It’s an unexplainable fragrance; however it’s that of the Holy Spirit. That aroma of soot is death and the sweet aroma that is found on CHIRSTians is life.

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