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We all need help and not some time but often. And often time it’s pride that keeps us from asking for help. Now pride is a subtle spirit which invades the human soul. Because if we see a toddler showing signs of not wanting help we will leave that child to his or her own devices believing that the kid is stubborn and does not desire help so we grow distraught and just leave the kid to learn the hard way. That’s not pride that’s just a kid wanting to try to get the newness of his learning technique and with our careful eyes, we should allow them to try and watch their achievement and then help them after they become frustrated or ask us for help. While teaching them without chastisement but encouragement. Then there is the next step when we do ask for help and none or rarely is there help provided when we ask. Which gives us that independent spirit better known as pride. Asking for, wanting and needing help is not a bad thing and often times it causes people to become closer and more loving towards one another. It forms a bond.

The Holy Spirit helps us 24 hours a day, 7 days a week and 365 days a year and that extra day and hours when the leap year is involved. He never sleeps and He never takes a rest break with or on us. He is in the constant motion of teaching us about JESUS and He is the One who prays for us in the language that we have not been formally/educationally taught that wells up from our belly that living water that resides on the inside of us. The Holy Spirit hopefully is residing within the heart of every believer, I know that He is not but He should be because we need His help. We need His power and dare I write it again, we need His help.

One of the greatest ways to test ourselves to prove to our own selves in the manner of our needing His help is in our communication with others. I’m certain that the majority of us are familiar with the saying that the quickest way to find out how intelligent a person is, is to have that person begin to speak. It will take two-three minutes. And in action fifteen-thirty minutes, depending on who it is in action we must try to fool.

I’ve heard so many people preach and say this and there is nowhere in the Bible we will find this answer to prayer. GOD will say no. My bibles, because I have so many various translations and they all read the same regarding this answer. Now, this is the confidence that we have in HIM, that if we ask (ask, seek, knock) anything according to HIS will, HE hears us. Most of us never saw asking, seeking and knocking this is why I included that. And my question to you is how many of you ever used your hand/knuckles to knock once and then just walk away? If you did this it’s because you really did not want to see the person to communicate with whose door you knocked on. Our victory is in CHRIST JESUS and I don’t see victory in an unanswered prayer but I do however see victory in an answered prayer that does not give us the answer that we desire. I wrote that if we listened to our communication we would hear that we most often are not saying anything worthwhile listening too. I taped several communications I was having with people and they were just junk conversations because after I listened to them I myself grew tired of listening and yet while I was communicating, I was having a wonderful time. We actually were saying nothing. None of us encouraged one another or spoke about the goodness of JESUS and we all glazed over our jobs and family.

Our communication must be filled with life toward one another. Now when I am in communication with my friends we do encourage one another, we truly listen and hear one another’s heart and pray for those areas that may be a challenge for that person. We remind each other of GOD’s goodness and HIS merciful grace towards us in HIS love for us and when we are ready to depart we are refreshed. We all got there with the help of the Holy Ghost. He spoke to us and through us to get us there. We are all still maturing in Him and this will never end.

And then there is the example given to us by this loving mother who asked JESUS that both of her beloved sons be with HIM in HIS kingdom. Now I will not get into all the reasons as to why she may have done that but I’m certain it’s no different than the reason we pray for our children. We all want our babies to be in heaven with JESUS and us. JESUS never said no. JESUS simply explained that she was not clear of her understanding as to what her sons had to go through before joining HIM in HIS kingdom and if they will be committed. We all may begin committed but then we begin to wane. And none of us can live a committed life in CHRIST JESUS without the Holy Spirit’s help.  I have to speak what I am, an American, because as an American I am aware that I have brothers and sisters in various countries that are being tortured for their belief and faith and trust in CHRIST JESUS. You see as an American I go through the suffering of my flesh, denying the cravings and appetites that I love. Are we willing to suffer? Then I have to drink false persecutions from family and those that I thought were my friends. Are you willing to drink the bitter wine? And when I proclaimed that I’ve died with JESUS and I rose again was it the new creation in JESUS or the resurrected old me still operating in all of my hate, bitterness, anger, immorality, carnality and all that is not like JESUS? Let’s keep it real.

These are just some of the reasons why we need help from the Holy Spirit and I’ve not even chipped away at the tip of the iceberg. So we need to stop fooling ourselves believing that we good and that we have it all under control. Because we’ve got nothing under control, we’ve lost control in sin and we need to find control in the righteousness which is who we are in GOD through CHRIST JESUS.   

Romans 8:26, Mt. 20:22


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