Today integrity seems to have been tossed away as though it’s archaic or obsolete. However, integrity is vital in the character of who we are as people. When missing it reveals that there is brokenness in the mind. Un-soundness, lack of purity and corruptness dwell within us. We get upset when people are not honest with us, yet, we dare, to be honest with others. However, when integrity is present within an individual that person lives a life of calmness, joy, soundness, purity, evades corruption and whatever the cost will be honest. They are a person of their word because it matters. And when circumstances prevent them from upholding a commitment, it is the character of that person to always notify the person/s involved in a timely manner to prevent disruption.

In the workings within ourselves, it is proven that we cannot be blameless and righteous. This is why like the need for oxygen, yet, far greater we need JESUS. Having JESUS living on the inside of us will hone our character towards HIS character within time. For most people, it’s just as we all grow up from the womb of our mothers to become adults of maturity. It’s a slow process and for the rare few it’s instant or quick. Whichever JESUS decides for us know that it will be done. There was a time that parents, grandparents and neighboring adults would train young children to become the best possible citizens by correcting them when they saw them doing things that were done in a negative flow of character. Or when they overheard something that was said, they would speak and reason with the child and children. This is no longer done, instead, it is encouraged to darken the children’s integrity even further with technical games, not monitoring their television viewing, allowing them to have their own way. Because the adults have lost their way due to the fact of their own darkness. However, though adults during my young life were not knowledgeable of JESUS the morality of people was not as dark and violent as it is today. The sins of man grow darker by the day and it’s not slowing down.

In JESUS we can remain right here looking and living as others with the exception that there is no darkness within us. We are blameless and righteous, we worship the LORD GOD and we turn and some of us may have to run from evil. This is the integrity in which we stand firm in because of CHRIST JESUS.

And it’s not always easy to stand against the grain especially when you once were among those that are doing what you once enjoyed with such a great lust. And people you know will come after you with everything but don’t you crumble. Because I’m here to warn you that, that is satan sending out his army after you. To come after you at all cost, to use whatever and whoever at all cost to win you back. It can be your greatest love in your heart from spouse, child, or parent that bastard does not care. The thing is to weaken you and he knows all of your weaknesses. But JESUS is our defender, to support and maintain as true against objections from the enemy. Get an understanding, we in and of ourselves don’t have any integrity but in CHRIST JESUS we do, so our walk of integrity is within HIM because it’s HIS integrity that we possess. We cannot trust ourselves to do anything outside of JESUS, trust this that when we step out of JESUS we will fail to remain in the trust of JESUS we will not slip. The beloved children of GOD are no longer in judgment we are in right standing with CHRIST JESUS. We are heirs according to HIS promises the only people who will be judged are those who refused to believe in, confess and receive CHRIST JESUS. We don’t have any righteousness because righteousness belongs to JESUS we are righteous in GOD through CHRIST JESUS and our integrity is being molded to be that of JESUS. So don’t get it twisted.

Allow people to see the integrity of CHRIST JESUS within us, people are looking for authentic CHRISTians. They are tired of seeing those fake professors of Christians that rarely or never attend church services, always quick to say I love you yet, never show that they love, will talk about others instead of praying for others, find faults but will never help to resolve, quick to discourage and extremely slow to encourage. Oh, I can go on. True CHRISTians are about guarding and protecting each other through love and prayer. We don’t know about a need and send you on your way or leave you with an I’ll be praying for you”, prayers are wonderful and needed but when our siblings in JESUS are hungry we feed them. Whatever, our family in CHRIST stand in need of we band together.  This is what the blameless in integrity does.


Job 2:3, Psalms 26:1, 7:8, Proverbs 11:3, 13:6


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